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  1. So you're up against Cole and down 4 already. This feels like the 10 runs the Cards scored last night.
  2. Can't say I'd blame you there. And Blake has not had great success against the Bombers so I'd put my money on NY. But if the Rays DID comeback to win this series (I do not think they get past GC) they will have that "Cinderella" thing working for them and maybe Blake is due against the Yankees. While Sevy was very shaky the other night, IF he rounds into shape the Yankees become a serious problem, because he's a dynamic pitcher who makes them THAT much better.
  3. Also, please note this thread is for anyone into S&M. LOL
  4. If Greg Bird ever amounts to anything close to what his potential was it will be a miracle and I am not holding my breath, but there are plenty of cases of late bloomers, but man the dude is a walking MASH unit. If you have a roster space to burn sure take a flyer and see what happens. At this point he's merely a lottery ticket and if you grab him and don't see pretty quick dividends move on.
  5. Would love to see the Rays go all the way. A rotation of Morton/Glasnow/Snell is pretty formidable if they can find a way to close this game out and somehow beat Cole train Thursday.
  6. Alex young was NEVER a top prospect. Period. He was a solid prospect, maybe top 20 in the D-Backs org. And his numbers in the minors this year were abysmal. Then he gets called up and is Koufax? In my view, Young is a perfect SELL HIGH candidate. Just like hitters where pitchers will adjust to you, hitters will adjust to pitchers. Young was giving up a .300 BA clip, 99 hits in 80 innings, poor K rates, it makes ZERO sense. Lewis WAS a top prospect, but was terrible in the minors (AA no less), gets called up and is now Willie Mays? More BS early returns. It's nothing but flash in the pan stuff. Aquino hasn't hit a homer in two weeks, his average is on a deadspin drive to the dirt. These guys coming up and hitting .400 with 10 homers over 2 weeks are the biggest pile of fools gold in history. Eventually, they get found out. Young is ordinary.
  7. Robbie Ray with a no no through 6. His pitch count is pretty high, will be interesting to see how this one goes.
  8. Then yea, this is a monster blow. Gio has been dominant this year. After his 2018 it was hard to be patient, if you were one of those (in dynasty leagues) then kudos to you. I take pride in my own patience, but HE IS ONE I let get away. As a White Sox fan I am fine with his rise up the charts.
  9. Really. Fantasy owners are knee jerk. Means has been a revelation for a horrid Orioles team. He's got a legit change and also has a developing slider. He's not sexy with 99 velo, but he has the makings of a terrific middle rotation type starter who should be dependable more often than not.
  10. Lat strain, he'll be good to go for 2020, although if you're in a playoff push that's not news that will mean a lot to you.
  11. He has already caught Reddick in steals and I am quite sure Tucker will hit more than 10 homers if given a full time shot. I see no reason why Kyle Tucker should not be this team's starting RF in 2020.
  12. Cole is such a beast. It kills me to watch him treat opposing batters as fodder given I drafted him prior to last year and then traded him this past off season (I did get a good return), so it's tough to watch him take his game up yet another level from what it was last year (and last year he was awesome).
  13. Unless you have other options with some reasonable upside, you probably shouldn't (unless he comes up against DeGrom, Max or one of those stud rightys)
  14. The slump has arrived, This kid will be just fine, but Ruthian numbers were never part of his long term profile. However, if he continues to develop his plate discipline he's going to be an exciting fantasy league talent going forward.