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  1. Ryan McMahon with two terrific at bats against Corbin. Kinda ugly swing on first slider, took a high ball, then poked another slider into the OF. I was really kinda surprised Black put him in against Corbin, but nice to see him taking advantage. He is a terrific hitter, just needs the run.
  2. He does. And last year he was well on his way until injury hampered him. His calling card is still defense, but he has a nice developing hit tool with some pop and speed.
  3. People that overreact and don't heed good advice I have no sympathy for. They deserve to have their money taken. Coming to conclusions after 1, 2 starts gets you on the fast track to the bottom of your league standings. The potential is real with this guy. And if you drafted him last year or this year, you have to understand it's a process and it takes time, but you likely got him cheap, but the return on that investment could be immense.
  4. I gotta say I like this guy. Yes, he will have streaks where he strikes out 5 out of 10 times, but this dude's power is legit. If he can balance the s---y moments with the grand ones, he could be a factor. Also he's a nice story...the dude has worked his a** off, paid dues and is likable. Nothing wrong with taking a flier on a guy who can hit a ball 450 feet.
  5. This topic is sad. The amount of knee jerk reactionary idiocy is breath-taking. The kid can hit. Just relax and let things take shape. Baseball is a hard game, things gotta go right. If you think McMahonis a bum after 1/2 year, then please join my league so I can take your money.
  6. Yep a kick in the nuts for White Sox fans. Maybe Dylan Cease can tide us over until next year, but even he has already had a TJS.
  7. Bo may not get a call at all this year. Toronto is playing the likes of Alen hansen, Eric Sogard, and Socrates Brito. They just sent down a kid, Urena, who was hitting well over .300 and replace him with poster child of journeymen Sogard. So predicting what this team will do is a game of chance. Vladdy J HAS to be called up this year, but I wouldn't hold my breath on Bo. Even if he rakes and the season is lost, Toronto can get enough PR fanfare from Vladdy...then NEXT year bring in Bo. Honestly, Vladdy should be up NOW and they should be monitoring Bo for a callup, but Toronto is doing things differently.
  8. In watching Wright's last start, first thing is his defense let him down, but he was not able to work through it. Getting behind hitters, lack of command. The stuff is there. He was pushing 98 on the fastball and had great movement on his secondary pitches. But it all comes down to command for him. I saw 3 + pitches, potentially. He has a good competitive drive and all reports are he's an intelligent kid who studies his craft. YES, his first foray into the Majors was close to disaster level, but the talent is there, with some more seasoning he may return to the rotation one day and may not let the spot go that time. That's how it is with prospects, not all arrive and dominate some it takes a bit of time.
  9. Actually thought about this today when I was watching the game. I suspect as Verdugo forces Dave's hand more and more he'll look at creative options to get him into the lineup and this suggestion of yours is very plausible. Sometimes the bats just gotta play.
  10. Two starts in, two excellent outings. Smooth transition to AAA this year. He was on a pitch limit last year (140 I think) and I suspect they won't go much above that this year, but rest assured SOME of those innings will be on the Soutside of Chicago. Kid has tightened up his command.
  11. All reports were the injury was minor. So far he is progressing. He's eligible to come off IR Tuesday, I guess we are not 100% positive that is actually going to happen, but all signs point to it being pretty soon, if not Tuesday.
  12. Shocking to consider, but maybe Frazier will improve? I read some things about him in Spring Training where he wanted to build his defensive game. He surely has the athleticism to be a good one.
  13. For you Luke owners, Bird has been a scrub so you guys are safe. When the Yanks get some people healthy I think Bird is gone.
  14. This kid is a legit pro hitter. Even in a crowded Dodgers lineup, I have to give Roberts credit for getting him in there where he can. Joc has actually played very well so far so no reason to bench him. Yes, as an AV owner I'd love someone to flame out and my guy get the call, but I also know the why of the situation and I am just thankful Verdugo is getting the PAs he IS getting.