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  1. From what i understand,its the mechanics thats the big issue. The guys an akward 6'8 and has been having trouble with his mechanics his entire career. Apparently,they tried to overhaul his mechanics this spring according to rotowire. He reminds of a pitching byron Buxton this year.
  2. I personally think that the "he's done" or "he is in a decline" or "he will be injured half the year" talk has actually made him a bargain more than his name making him expensive. If my first dew picks were safe id definately risk him for the upside. Id stay away if my first few were risky oicks though.
  3. eloy and vlad are both all stars................in AAA.
  4. To me,the telling number is 93. You dont need a big samplee size for that.
  5. Or it could really tank his value further. NL is always a bonus necause of the hitting pitcher and any other ball park alone would raise the era and whip.
  6. Yikes. Roster resource has him batting 8th.
  7. Absolutely not. Thats some serious keeper inflation there. Other than murphy theres no one on that list thats a deal difference maker. Goldy is probably the best guy in a weak position. Not nearly enough for him. If cano is the 7th overall player,i can imagine what the 21st will be. At that point,you can get equivalent type players 3 rounds later but goldy is a difference maker. Thanks for the help with mine. Good luck
  8. Tough one. Id go gary becauee of the injury.
  9. Yeah. No one in the league including turner and mallex is 50 easy.
  10. Thanks. You’ve given me something to think about. Am I off in thinking that Robles is just an OF PERAZA?
  11. That’s his guy and his projections. Not mine, but none of that matters. At the end of the day, we all pick from the gut. The first year in a new league is always tough. Improvements should be expected across the board.
  12. If you feel you’re not going to get him on the way back, you have to take him. You run the risk of not getting him right away meaning he has to be your first round pick.
  13. I’ll already have trout,judge and Dahl/eloy in the OF. I love Dahl. And isn’t Robles just a peraza in the OF? For what it’s worth, peraza and Ramos should go within 12 picks of each other after keepers are taken into account. So it’s not as if he’ll go 11 rounds later.