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  1. *clap clap*. What a great post. I too find that there is a lot of vitriol (great word choice btw) on here when someone doesn’t tow the company line. Debates on here are excellent and have helped me immensely. As far as Aquino is concerned, I’m consider myself completely impartial because I don’t own him, yet was very jealous of those that did (not bitter.) in my opinion, you cannot discount the power surge he had. It was real, it happened. He will get drafted next year and contribute to teams. Matt Olson is the guy I can’t get out of my head (massive power month rookie year, 25%ish k rate, 2 something to 1 k:bb.) Power IS important, even though it’s easy to find, if EVERYONE can find power, all the more reason that I want an over abundance of it so that I’m ahead of the game. I’d probably bench him for these 2 weeks if that was an option, He’ll likely be kept in my league, but he definately interests me.
  2. If he gets a clean bill of health he can’t possibly fall past 3. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that this would affect his career. I do however think the injuries may affect his willingness to steal bases especially since he injured himself twice in 2 years that way. He could come right out and say “I am not going to steal a single base ever again” and id still probably take him third.
  3. Looks like they got rid of the crying emoji, but that’s awful on any day, especially a playoff day.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. One year I made it to the finals in a h2h football pool and my qb hurt his finger on the first throw of the first game of the day. Never again. Too flukey for 5 months of work to lose because Kyle Lewis is the #1 hitter of the week.
  5. 2 brewers pitchers widely available on 2 consecutive days facing the marlins, 2 leads each game, both pulled after 4 innings.
  6. How many “greats” would you say there’s past 10 years? Trout? Miggy? Pujols? (just barely qualifies) arenado? It’s a very select group. A few guys enter it for a few years, but i really have trouble thinking of many who have been great, year in, year out for like 6 or 7;years in a row.
  7. Haha..seems like I’ve been passing on Cruz since like 2012 because of age.
  8. That. And the fact that a true ace that throws about 200 innings will account for roughly 1/7 of your pitching stats in leagues with inning limits (obviously varies) whereas a hitter will account for roughly 1/ 10 of your hitting stats (again, obviously varies, but a so should have a bigger impact than a hitter.) That said, in my opinion,there are way too many risks, not only with a sp, but THESE sps (the 2020,crop of top pitchers). Cole and degrom seem ok, but I would be very uncomfortable taking verlander, sherzer, kershaw or sale ahead of a stud bat. Not saying it’s wrong, not even that I wouldn’t do,it, just that *i* would be uncomfortable. Lots of disappointed guys who took starters in the early rounds this year. I think that would devalue sps rather than increase their value.
  9. Likely just a few innings according to cubs sports https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/dodgers-ross-stripling-set-to-start-wednesday/. He’s not stretched out enough to go 5 or more. If you’re streaming for wins, you can do better.
  10. 2020 is looking really similar to that year like 5 years ago where goldsmidt and Harper enterred the conversation as 1,1a,1b along with trout. Trout seems to always win somehow.
  11. Oooops, sorry. My bad. You’re a Sox fan though right? I might just be way off on this, in which case please ignore my clearly failed and lame attempts at Making you feel better.
  12. Haha...he’s soooooo gonna go 0-12 the second you put him in your lineup. He’s that guy. I’m 1 /23 if that makes you feel better.
  13. Lol. Its so bad for me that im streaming position players the way people stream pitchers. At least you live in Boston and can enjoy REAL sports😜.
  14. Fantastic points as always Five. I MIGHT have first overall next year and am very slightly leaning towards Acuna myself despite wholeheartedly agreeing to the "don't take risks in rd.1" thing. Trouts seeming loss of steals concerns me. Without them, he is pretty similar to JD Martinez. Not a knock on either player, just not an automatic no brainer #1. Its a COMPLETE different sport, and likely doesn't apply to this discussion, but Connor McDavid became a consensus automatic #1 in fantasy hockey as a 20 year old. Trout was the consensus number 1 in his 3rd year. Didn't even think about it this year, next year will be a much harder choice.
  15. Nvm....there he is. He’s like beetle juice.