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  1. Do you tell children Santa isn’t real too?
  2. I swear mlb managers get a copy of my fantasy team every day and use that to determine who gets an off day making it impossible for me to make up lost games.
  3. He wasn’t in the knights lineup today.......where’s that speculation alarm?!?
  4. Fouled a ball off his foot. Apparently played an inning after it happened.
  5. Moncada was given the kris Bryant treatment and came up late April if I remember correctly. But I could be wrong. But for some reason Eloy was up day 1 this’s year. He was up 3 weeks before extra control despite everyone clamoring for him to play last year for half a season. This current form of white Sox does promote prospects, although not in a predictable pattern. And since we’re not scouts, we have no idea what they really do need or do not need to work on from a non fantasy POV. Probably bears mentioning that their prized prospects giolito, Eloy and moncada all struggled in the bigs, giolito and moncada for 2 years. and kopech lasted about an hour before a serious injury. It won’t be the be all/end all, but that might factor into the decision of when and if we see our shiny new toy.
  6. It’s probably been brought somewhere in this thread, but they DID bring up Kopech last year under similar circumstances. I doubt it too, but it’s not impossible.
  7. I only play roto, but I’ll give it a go. The risk in h2h is that you can have a better player at every position and still lose on any given week, which puts means that flag might not come regardless of what you do. That team is awesome (with very young talent)and can only marginally be improved. I guess sp and c is where you can improve. I also see a 20 yr old ss and 19 year old one. Both should be cornerstones for a decade,but can you use both? Can you use Soto and jimeenz? If not, why not trade one? A safer play would be a blue chip pitcher like Luzardo,Honeywell, mckay for an aging starter like Greinke or an older catcher that could help? trout would probably cost something like 3 blue chippers like tatis, Guerrero and bueller and even that may not be enough.
  8. I know who he is because I remember another off season of Yankees and Red Sox getting all these off season acquisitions and as a jays fan having to see Waguespeack. We all had a good laugh and then cried a bit. Haven’t thought about him since then until I saw this thread.
  9. Great points as usual bmcp. Given those 3 guys (Stanton as a guy that was striking out 33% ish of the time and then going on to return years of round 1 value... absent a few years) can’t we say that special players DO somehow overcome high k rates to contribute massively? And is there any reason, given his speed, strength and athleticism that tatis isn’t a good candidate to be one of those guys? (I’m talking average only here, I don’t think anyone is dismissing speed/power.)
  10. Honestly, and I’m not trying to be funny, the way things have gone, it actually has me concerned.
  11. K rate is the new .babip. People can’t look past it. I see it all the time on this forum. Probably because it’s such a common go to by industry experts on Xm, podcasts and internet articles. “ high k rate = REGRESSION = sell high.” Maybe they’re right, I mean they eventually have to be, but I remember hearing the exact same thing beaten to death for Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron judge, and javy Baez. I remember vividly hearing some dude on xm (3 years ago)talking about bellinger strikes out too much to be a good fantasy asset. There are soooo many others, these are just the guys off the top of my head without thinking. We we want an elite power /speed guy that hits over .280? Those guys dont exist outside of the top 6 picks of a draft maybe. Not wanting players / selling players short because of a high k rate is like not talking to the pretty girl at the bar because you’re afraid of rejection. Not saying there’s no validity to high k rates, just saying I don’t want to miss out.
  12. Has Alonso really passed rizzo? Rizzo seems like a fantastic deal to me.
  13. Without any other information,which seems important given how different theses guys all are I’d go 1) laureano 2) mallex 3) riley thats my ros usefulness ranking
  14. The amount of times I’ve thought this only to see the guy tear it up..... Sure,only a microscopic fraction of guys go to become top 50 players, but every year there’s 2 or 3 guys like bellinger and Hoskins in their rookie seasons. You can bet I’m gonna try and get every dam one of them on my team. Especially in keeper formats. I’d rather be wrong and lose a few weeks of a great reliever or a mediocre starter than watch him be a round 4 pick next year.
  15. How are Bryce Harper and Jorge soler in the same category?
  16. Yes. Drop fiers. I didn’t even read the entire team, just saw fiers and knew I didn’t need to read the rest. He’s a streamer against awful teams only.
  17. Theres one every year. Bryce harper,jose altuve mookie betts.....people always outsmart themselves. Trout #1 set in stone. People try so hard to get the #1 overall player that they miss out on that cornerstone. Only way he loses that title is if he turns into a 0 with steals. No reason to beleive thats happened.
  18. Using advanced metrics to predict stats isnt the be all end all. Its only a tool, a very useful one but always needs to be looked at further. Most high power guys will have a high k rate. The increased launch angle leads to more ks since the uppercut motion makes it easier to miss the bat. More importantly it leads to more homeruns and a way to beat the shift. Strong guys like alvarez would be expectdd to have a higher than average hr/fb rate. Guys that strong would also be expected to have a higher .babip because of fhe high exit velocity. Theres nothing average about him,so comparing him to league average isnt a perfect way to measure. I dont rhink anyone expexts .350, 70 but at this point posturing is irrelevant. (Almost) No ones selling because hes too fun to own,no ones buying becaise the cost is too high and everyones starting.
  19. The insane athleticism was the second thing that came to mind. The 2 month recovery for the splits was the first.
  20. Right calf tightness according to Twitter. Day to day and SEEMS precautionary.
  21. That could be the sign of a good league. I like it when people are smart enough to recognize the sell high and buy low bs. Maybe that's whats happening. The worst league ive ever been in is where 1 guy would regularly trade hot players off waiver wire for slumping top 3 round picks.
  22. Tough one, but probably joc. His skillset is the easiest to replace. He’s similar to Eloy, but Eloy is better and has a higher ceiling.
  23. I need that tattooed on my arm at next years draft. This is one of those guys that I’m just always overly excited about, and I can’t explain why. It’s not only the slow healing, it’s also the fact that he’s missed 2 months from a massage.
  24. No... but there’s a lot of young arms and a lot of innings to restrict. Some possibilities include a 6 man, a dodgers type phantom dL carousel...and of course, getting sent down.
  25. Stras/ Berios tier is unlikely, but certainly possible. Bueller, flaherty, Luis Castillo and Thor are guys off the tops of my head that had sp1 (top 15 type numbers) second halves as rookies. No reason to think It’s impossible for that to happen. That’s not saying I think it will. In fact, I doubt it will. I agree with your statement, just stretching it a little bit. My best guess is a 3.45 era that’s ruined by an awful bullpen, 4 wins, a great 10 k/9 type thing and a helpful .whip. Those are well above average numbers. If he does better, that’s a difference maker. Then again, he could get sent down. to summarize: he could fit in anywhere between sherzer and Matt Harvey.