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  1. I would’ve rather you not tell me that...🙄
  2. Anybody know if TJ has been targeted yet? Not watching game
  3. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow’s contest... anybody ballsy enough to fire up Darwin? Both teams may have to lean on the run game due to weather and wet ball.
  4. Typical Leonard. Has a walk in TD with one man to beat and trips behind LOS
  5. Fournette owners going to sell high off that 69 yard rush alone next week🤣
  6. Actually what makes SNF on NBC so underrated is the aerial coverage of the city at night
  7. Dropped Dede after week 1 after Foles injury, even with the draft capital I spent on him. I just knew they’d spread ball around to Chark and Conley, etc. Tonight certainly makes me feel better in regards to dropping him
  8. I can’t believe I used a 7th round pick on Dede. Lmao never buying into the hype on a Jags player ever again.
  9. Thursday Night Football needs to go, the product isn’t good whatsoever. Almost fell asleep watching that first half. Just make every Monday Night have two football games.
  10. Tannehill has to play the 2nd half. Mariota just doesn’t have it, looks extremely bad.
  11. Agholor dropped a walk in 60 yard TD and Ertz couldn’t get to the sticks on 4th down late in the game... if they convert there they probably score lol
  12. Should I make the plunge on him now off the WW before it is too late? All it takes is a blowup game this week and I lose out on him. Feel now may be the time to take action.
  13. I think Chiefs/Ravens could be a shootout game and I think starting D Rob over Mixon could be the right decision. Was curious to hear from you guys on what to do? Thanks and WHIR
  14. Probably San Francisco, because they love absurd RB committees