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  1. I know they need defense, but would LOVE if they drafted Marquise “Hollywood” Brown with their 1st round selection. That’s if and only if Tyreek is gone. Brown is the perfect Tyreek replacement.
  2. I agree with this 100%. When it comes to situations like these you only have two strikes, not three. He already had one strike and this is strike two. His career looks to be over if these allegations end up being truthful.
  3. If Tyreek is indeed let go, I agree with this.
  4. I 100% agree. Just sad to see him waste his second chance with the talent he has.
  5. Let’s say that Chiefs release Tyreek if this news is indeed true. What is the outlook for Mahomes going forward?
  6. It can’t be good. I said the same thing about Kareem Hunt and then the video just randomly releases during middle of season....
  7. Kareem and now this. Unbelievable. What could have been....
  8. 10 touchdowns in his rookie campaign, running routes alongside Julio Jones. I think Ridley’s potential is sky high and wonder what his ADP will be come Draft time. I see him as a steal at his current ADP at the moment. Thoughts?
  9. Obviously Antonio Brown won’t have the same numbers like he did in Pittsburgh, however I don’t know if I should deem him a loser for fantasy purposes. Even with a downgrade at QB, still thinks he gets a ton of volume.
  10. With the news of AB going to the Raiders.... I’m looking at keeping either a combo of Kamara, Mixon, Julio or Kamara, Julio, Mahomes. Thoughts?
  11. Would you take him over Zeke? I think for me it goes Saquon, CMC, Zeke then Kamara.
  12. Call me crazy but I’d take Mayfield over Rodgers, Watson, Luck.
  13. In my QB rankings, he is now my #2 QB behind Mahomes. Had 27 passing touchdowns last year in not even a full season. Imagine what he will do this upcoming season (a full season) in year 2 with better weapons and a head coach that let him sling it all over the field in the last few games of the 2018 season? A dream fantasy football situation for Mayfield.