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  1. Anybody think him only getting one catch was due to the inept Dallas pass D opening up the field for the receivers?
  2. He’s due boys. Hoping for and expecting big things from AK41 today!
  3. I ask this question because I’ve been back and forth about him and MVS in my flex this week
  4. Is it safe to say this guy takes over the Sammy role in this offense when Sammy is gone?
  5. This. You already had Jags thinking Kamara wouldn’t be 100% on Thursday, might as well keep playing mind games with them.
  6. Only positive is that he’s listed as questionable and not doubtful/out at least
  7. This game screams a Sony Michel game script and yet he still shows us he’s a hardcore JAG
  8. I’m not proud to have started that thread btw... I really am in trouble at the TE spot 😂
  9. Just waiting for Rhett Ellison to be out rest of game during the week I have to start him.... lol he’s taken two big shots already
  10. Due to Herndon injury, might be forced to play this guy tomorrow night. Any thoughts?
  11. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m rolling him out there in my flex spot