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  1. 12 Team Dynasty on Fantrax needs a replacement owner for a rebuilding team. League: Fantrax chat: Discord (very active) team: in full rebuild mode. Does have a really nice farm system. League is super active. Multiple trades every day. If you come in eager you can turn this team around quick. If you’re interested pop in the discord server to chat just click that link and we will meet you there!
  2. Hey guys we have a 12 team dynasty league on fantrax. One of the teams (0-10-1) needs a replacement owner. There has been a revolving door on this team because of the condition it’s in. Its an uphill climb and every body that’s tried has given up within days. If you’re up for the challenge and want to be part of a super active league then we are a perfect match. League is is on fantrax. We use discord as a chat. Owners are very active on discord. Multiple trades a day. There is opportunity to rebuild and honestly, rebuild quickly. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to do it. If if this sounds like something you’d enjoy being a part of click the discord invite link below and let’s discuss the team and any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking with you! Discord invite link:
  3. Hey guys we have a 12 team dynasty league on fantrax H2H points needing 1 replacement owner. Team needs a full rebuild however there are some nice pieces to build around: Pete Alonso, Luis Urias, Miguel andurjar, Forrest Whitley, etc. if you are interested in joining an extremely active 13 team dynasty in its 3rd season then hop on our league chat on discord. We can discuss the team further with you there. Discord invite link:
  4. Can you join our league chat: just follow the link. We can discuss more there
  5. Team is back open. Pale Hose was intimidated. hop on our league chat and we can show you the team.
  6. Hey guys, we have a 12 team dynasty league going into its 3rd season on fantrax. We had an owner quit randomly tonight and need to get this team filled ASAP. Ill be honest, this is a rebuild job. Team has some solid young pieces and nice prospects but not much else. If you are up for the challenge and want to rebuild a roster in an established and extremely active league then stop by our league discord (will post link at bottom of this) and have a chat with us. We can go over more scoring setting (H2H points) and show you the roster there. Look forward to meeting with you. Discord invite link: just click that link and you’ll be in our chat.
  7. Ill take this squad!
  8. Possibilities: SF: Bumgarner Posey Bart Ramos ARZ: Grenkie Ray Chisholm and Duplantier BAL: Bundy Sisco Hall Diaz TEX: Mazara Odor, Julio Pablo Martinez and Crouse Some talent ont he table. Come join us and be part of a GREAT league
  9. ill take Yankees! Would love to be a part of this league! Great set up!
  10. Hey guys Ive always ran dynasty leagues, im looking to just run a team in one. A little bit about me: Ive played fantasy baseball for 11 years. 10 on ESPN and 2 on fantrax. Im extremely knowledgable of prospects and building dynasty squads. I am extremely active and if you use discord, will always be around. I trade frequently (understatement) and I win those trades lol Money doesnt matter, free league or buy in, im good with either. ESPN or Fantrax ONLY. I wont consider any other sites. Discord must be used for league chat. If league is established and doesnt use a league chat I would strongly recommend Discord Im good with any league from 12-16 teams I prefer to draft my own team in a start up league but will consider a rebuild job in an established league Email me at and let me know what ya have!
  11. Hey guys we have a 12 team dynasty league here on fantrax that needs 1 owner. Team is really good, just cant find an active owner.We use discord as our league chat. If youd be interested click the link below and pop on. We can discuss the league and available team more.Thanks invite link: forward to talking to you!
  12. If that invite link says expired please post here and I’ll get you a new link.