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  1. I am in a 14 team keeper league - we can only retain 3 hitters from our team? There is no limit on how long you can retain someone. I currently have Soto, Stanton, Story, Alvarez and Riley? Who should I retain as I have a trade deadline coming up in a week and was going to try and trade one of the remaining and get multiple pieces.
  2. Currently have Alonzo as 1B and Suarez at 3B. Not comfortable relying on Alonzo as everyday 1B. Should I move Beltre to get Aguilar???? I also have Bellinger but lately he has only qualified in OF due to our league rules and I don't know what Dodgers plans are for him ROY. Thanks
  3. Have to start 4 of these - Stanton, Jose Soto, Castellanos, Mac Williamson, Yonder Alonso, Adam Jones
  4. Have to start either Kingham or Gibson tonight ... 1 point for inning pitched and -.5 point for earned run
  5. Love the guy when he plays but with all his injuries he is frustrating to own
  6. I would prefer he get another minor league start and not come back on a very limited pitch count
  7. Frustrating to own ... was my keeper pitcher but can now choose between Kingham, Romero, Soroka, Bieber to go along with Bumgarner
  8. Hope he can get back on track tonight
  9. Has been looking comfortable at the plate ... his plate discipline is amazing
  10. Suarez has been a savior for my team this year ... hope he can keep it up
  11. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off ... would love to see Pittsburgh just leave him in the rotation and quit shuffling him back and forth
  12. Looking forward to watching him pitch ... Does his control compare to Greg Madduz
  13. Don't see him getting called up anytime soon unless Donaldson goes on DL ... I think the Jays are thinking long term
  14. Was able to pick him up in my league ... looking forward to seeing what he can do as it seems like the Indians have done well developing their pitchers lately