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  1. What a pussy. If going chest to chest with someone is battery I’d have a few charges from my younger days. Zeke should be smarter but this is nothing criminal.
  2. Haha. So many logical fallacies I won’t even attempt to address them. Good luck to you.
  3. Lol I’m the one misrepresenting? To be clear you took Billy’s data then took out the Pats the year they didn’t meet your criteria but kept in the year they did and added the year their star qb got hurt. Am I correct that’s how you somehow got to 7/10? Come on man. You look more and more ridiculous as you go. Not even mentioning the fact that you admit the regression isn’t always significant when it’s present and that other non SB teams experience regression too. So if it’s not significant and it’s not exclusive to SB teams why would it matter? Hint- it doesn’t because it’s not real.
  4. Is this a joke? If the Rams offense loses 300 total yards they will go from the 2nd best to the 5th best and if they lose 2 tds they will remain the second highest scoring offense. Drops of 4.5% and 2.3% respectively. Virtually nothing and teams have dips in production like that or worse literally every single season. The ‘08 Pats lost Tom Brady to injury prior to the ‘09 season? Think that makes a difference in production? Or are you saying they’ve just been lucky to avoid losing him every other year during their dynasty? Your previous post lists several things that could cause the Rams offense to decline- OL turnover, Gurley’s injury, they could be decimated by injuries (as could every team). None of those things have anything to do with going to the SB the previous year. If you have to go back 10 years to find what you think are examples of your point, you probably have no point. Frankly you sound utterly ridiculous.
  5. What in the world.... Plenty of teams that didn’t play in the Super Bowl suffer more injuries the next year too. As reigning divisions champs they were already the target if that’s even a thing of going into last year. Seems like a really weird thing to be concerned about.
  6. Gotcha thanks. So he would have some leverage but not the leverage of sitting out the entire year.
  7. I think I’d agree with that. Ekeler did out touch Jackson 2:1 in games Gordon missed last year but he wasn’t very good and got hurt. I lean to Jackson being the heavier side of a committee if it somehow gets to that.
  8. Hmmm I thought at first that this could get interesting but it’s different from Bell right? Wouldn’t Melvin need to play to tick the year off his contract and be able to hit free agency? I wouldn’t think he can just sit and pass on the 5.6 mill to protect whatever he thinks he can get as FA. If that’s the case he has almost no leverage.
  9. I’m not concerned at all. Last year he showed burst, balance, ridiculous power, really quick feet, and vision/instincts. His speed was great for his size. He ran a 4.5 ish at the combine and I believe he was clocked with some of the faster times for the season on field. This leads me to believe that even though he had a great combine he wasn’t all the way back yet and is maybe more like a mid 4.4 guy. He was facing stacked boxes at a high rate last year yet still ate and managed to rip off a long run seemingly every week. I do think it’s interesting to consider where he is now vs where he was prior to the knee injury. It’s easy to dismiss the possibility that he lost anything because of how good he’s looked in the pros but remember freshman year Chubb was a prospect in the same vein as Zeke, Saquon, Gurley. Without injury he likely goes top 5 after his junior year. Are you concerned he maybe lost a half step or some burst? That’s all I could see as remotely possible. His power/balance/feet couldn’t have been better back then. I’m not sure he was ever a low 4.4 runner so I don’t think he could have lost much speed. Maybe a couple hundredths of a second. His burst jumps out in his freshman year highlights but it’s also pretty good right now and it makes sense that it would stand out more against lesser college players. IMO if he’s not 100% back he’s 95% and that’s a hell of a player.
  10. Lol John Kelly isn’t standing in anyone’s way man.
  11. I guess you’re right that he didn’t get a ton of regular season work so his 2.7 ypc may not be damning. But that wasn’t good. Being clearly behind Brown all year wasn’t good. Then Brown/Gurley get hurt and the Rams sign CJA off the couch and let him be the lead guy over Kelly. And he performs much better. Then the Rams resign Brown and trade up to draft another back in the early 3rd. All this for a guy who, although I know a lot of people liked prior to last year’s draft, only has 6th round draft capital. If he’s a dent in Henderson’s value then pretty much every rb in the league has to be considered a dent to the backs ahead of them as well.
  12. John Kelly means absolutely nothing in this equation. Brown, we’ll see I could see him having a say if Gurley were to go down. But a 6th rounder who looked awful last year means nothing to Henderson.
  13. I’m not sure I’m seeing how Tyler Boyd proved he is stiff competition/a negative for AJ. Last year AJ was on pace for ~90/1400/12 before he got hurt, with Boyd around.
  14. I’m not sure if this is meant to dispute what I said or not...but in case it is when it comes to NFL running backs being taller by less than an inch while weighing the same does not make you bigger. It makes you slightly taller. An inch matters in the literal version of a d*ck measuring contest that we’ve seen all too many times on this board. It doesn’t matter here.
  15. Love him at that price. Maybe he finally went over the hill last year but I doubt it. His season was probably more a result of bad qb play. And the Cards threw the 4th fewest passes last year. Kingsbury is talking about running a billion plays per game and his history backs that up as being more than just talk. And Kyler should be able to maneuver around a lot better behind that sieve of an OL and you know Fitz won’t stop working until the play is over. He could see a ton of targets again and they’ll likely be better quality than they were last year. I’ll take that shot for sure where he’s going.