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  1. Got him at 35 in one and 45 ish in another factoring in keepers. 20/110/1 3/25 this week!
  2. Traded for him in dynasty in early August, got him 9th round in a draft in mid August, and 6th round in a keeper league draft on the 21st. Whiffed on him in both my Sept drafts- he went 59th and 45th. Hype building.
  3. It was actually 556/6 in about 7 games as he missed almost all of the Denver game after spraining his knee. A 16 game pace of 91/1270/13.7, with the obligatory nod to a small sample size. If his tds regressed over the second half of last year and he put up 91/1270/10 in his second year, where would be be going in drafts?
  4. Props to the team, Rivers, and the downfield weapons allowing that. Their OL still graded poorly over the last few years and is anticipated to be poor again. I read somewhere that Arians backs average 100 targets a year. I’d be good with that situation for Melvin.
  5. Hmmm I dunno. Chargers line sucks. Rivers and his trust in him is huge for him though. I think Tampa under Arians would be a lateral move at least for this year.
  6. Buffalo seems to want to roll with Singletary. Houston has cap room but just traded for 2 (much lesser) backs. Tampa would seem to be a sweet spot....
  7. Someone argued with me somewhere on here that John Kelly’s presence would hurt Henderson. Anyways, John Kelly cut.
  8. Several nice runs where he got more than was blocked. His very first reception he broke the tackle of the first unblocked defender but a DL was trailing the play and finished him off.
  9. Qb- Luck, Russ Rb- Chubb, Henderson, Guice, Justice Hill, Damien Harris Wr- AJ, Corey Davis, Hollywood Te- Engram, Waller, Fant
  10. Kid looked spry af last night. Got him the 9th last week and the 8th a couple days ago. Giddy up. Skins O is still trash but no reason to think he won’t be the dude there.
  11. Good chance he’s not purely a handcuff though. If he plays in a satellite back role (seems like it’s happening) there’s standalone ppr value to be had. But in the event of an injury to Gurley, Brown would see an increased role too though.
  12. Minor detail- although Hunt is on a 1 year contract he will be a restricted FA in 2020. So he can’t walk on to another team. The Browns will still likely want to show him on the field though so they can decide what round to tender him at. I’m sure after that year assuming he keep his nose clean and plays well he’ll be looking for a bigger contract as a featured back and will command more money that Cleveland will be willing to pay.
  13. Geez chill Preston that man has a family