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  1. Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Outlook

    It would be insanity to play the starters at all.
  2. Corey Davis 2018 Outlook

    Unfortunately this is what he is in this trash offense. He was shadowed for the most part by Norman and beat him handily several times. 5 targets, 3 catches. He beat Norman easily for another 10-15 yard reception but the ball was tipped at the line. He was open for another double digit gainer but Gabbert threw it into the dirt in front of him. I see a lot of talent but simply not close to enough opportunity at the moment.
  3. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    I know this is somewhat of a unique situation but are there any examples of this actually playing out? A star being removed as early as a 10 point lead in the first quarter? I think we all are aware that if they’re up 3 tds at half there’s a good chance he’s not getting much run if any in the second half but I don’t think it’s realistic he’d get removed in the first quarter barring something really bizarre like 4 tds in the first 10 minutes.
  4. Alfred Blue 2018 Outlook

    This is where I’m at as unlikely as that is.
  5. Ezekiel Elliott 2018 Outlook

    I don’t have any numbers to back this but it feels like it’s much worse this year. I’m sure the defense is also loading up to stop the run so when he gets the ball it feels like he’s getting hit in the backfield constantly. So maybe the offense is forced to take what’s given and throw the ball more down there.
  6. Corey Davis 2018 Outlook

    Have to start him because of Odell and Gordon. I have no doubts that if he gets a few targets he’ll do well but like most of his games this year I don’t expect this to be a high volume passing game from the Titans. You’d think they can pound Henry and play defense against the broken Skins O and win easily. I’d be more than happy with 12 points ppr.
  7. Robby Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I like him a lot here. He’s in my lineups in both leagues where I have him.
  8. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Hah I had Ware ready as my caddy to Gurley. Now it’s also Tim Patrick for me. Or toss in Fournette in the early game and bail on Gurley completely. Not great. Unless something else comes out gonna stick it out with Todd.
  9. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    This really isn’t true. They weren’t gonna roll with John Kelly as their one healthy back since Davis is banged up as well. Maybe he plays maybe he doesn’t but the CJ signing wasn’t the indication here.
  10. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Ah, well the most recent update was he would test it out and they’ll make the call when inactives are released. I don’t see what would happen between now and then to change that timeline. I think J. Williams is a very good play this week but I don’t think you’ll have the info on Gurley before his kickoff.
  11. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Jamaal Williams will be in the middle of the 3rd quarter before you know if Gurley is going to be out there or not. You’re gonna need another plan fam.
  12. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Is this where we complain about how much FF sucks sometimes? Because if so I’ll throw in that I’m rostering questionable Gurley, gimpy TY, sick Alshon, doubtful Ware and this week I already had to flush 1 arm Cam, “an oak tree fell on my thigh” Odell, and mental health fixing aka failed a drug test Gordon. Unreal.
  13. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Nah. Not my style. I understand the risks and understand the rewards. I am curious to see who benches and who plays him assuming he’s active without any other additional info coming out.
  14. Todd Gurley II 2018 Outlook

    Nope. If he starts he’s in my lineups.
  15. John Kelly 2018 Outlook

    He said yesterday he wasn’t going to practice today.