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  1. Zeke is an easy lock in the 2nd round. I would say it depends where you draft for barkely but I would go with both. theyre both almost a lock for 20+ points a week and youd have 2 out of the top 5 RBs in the league who each touch the ball 300+ times.
  2. couldnt agree more, and you bank on the volume that fournette gets, he hasnt been getting those 25+ touch games lately. without that i think hes way hard to trust.
  3. idk man i think Fournette is so hard to trust right now. that offense is so broken. Defenses know exactly whats coming. they dont mind trying to let Kesslar trying to beat them.. and also the fact that Marrone was scaling his workload back last week, thats a bit concerning. The matchup is good but idk theyre pretty heavy road dogs too, game flow could be against him as well.
  4. very similar size and better speed then Henry. Hes been waiting for his opportunity all year. im leaning towards him as well. my other option would be Mike Davis, Full Point PPR.
  5. I think Ballage. Hes been waiting all year for this opportunity. James White has more competition for touches and i doubt theyll be trailing much in their game. Seems like it will be more of a Michel game.
  6. Completely agree with Mack, D Williams and Edleman as well. All are great options. Mack- big home favorite against the giants run D who bleeds RB fantasy points. D Williams- workhorse in the Chiefs offense, nothing else needs to be said. Edleman- no more flash opens up more tgts for him, and the way to attack the BUF secondary is on the inside where he lines up.
  7. Full Point PPR. Kalen Ballage, Mike Davis, CJA, MCcoy, Alfred Blue My other starting RB is Mixon.
  8. "ESPN's Lindsey Thiry reports C.J. Anderson will start if Todd Gurley (knee) doesn't play this week. This confirms earlier reports that Anderson is ahead of John Kelly. Anderson just signed this week, but he'll be on the streaming radar as the touch-favorite in the Rams offense. Justin Davis (questionable, shoulder) isn't expected to play Sunday." the above note is pretty clear. All you have to see is if gurly is active or not.
  9. couldn't agree more with this for PPR. I lost conner so im stuck between a couple of options. Ballage, Davis, and Dixon. My other starter is Mixon.
  10. Philbin non committal on his status.. Cam just got shut down ROS....really hope Rodgers can just gut this last game out
  11. Ballage should have the highest ceiling and highest floor out of all of those options. I think hes a safe bet to get more carries then all of them. MIA is a solid home favorite this week. And you saw his ceiling with that 75 yd TD. im sure there will be more news on his role coming out from beat writers soon.
  12. I don't think its as risky as it seems, the dude out touched Drake 13-4 after gore left last week and even in crappy game script. MIA def should want an extended look at Ballage for next year as well. Gamescrpit shouldn't be a problem at all this week either.
  13. its sad that fournette has been this much of a bust this season but Ballage seems like the most logical choice out of those 3. Marrone been talking about scaling back fournettes work along with the Oline in shambles...can see Ballage getting fed this weekend.