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  1. stick with Kirk, i dont even think its close honestly. the guy has 32 tgts in 3 games, thats elite usage. Diggs has a whopping 12 looks. the only games you can really feel confident in starting him would be potential shoot out games, i havent looked at the Vikes schedule but how many of those could there be? otherwise theyre going to be shutting down teams with their defense and just pounding Cook all day. they run the ball at a 60% clip right now, highest in the league and would be the highest ever since 2004 (per PFF) if it were to hold up full year. kirk has a horrible defense and an offensive minded headcoach while theyre leading the league in pass attempts. he lines up heavily in the slot where he avoids shadow coverage. def keep this dude (i dont own kirk in any leagues) thanks in advance!
  2. Ride the danny dimes wave. this kid is legit. none of the rookie qbs could have done what he did last week with his poise and composure under pressure. there is no reason why he cant light up the skins this week. Kyler is good but ARZ is struggling way to much to when it comes to scoring for my liking. Thanks for helping on mine!
  3. since hes struggling id assume hes looking for players that play now but feel him out on AJG, i def would package up AJG and Mccoy. Mccoy has been solid so far while Williams has been hurt but once hes back this backfield is going to be messy. i can really see ried using all 3 RBs both williams and mccoy. If he doesnt want AJG, maybe go with thielen or godwin + mccoy? id def feel him out on the possibility of Penny instead but doubt hed want him. doubt hed want michel either. i think chubb, and mack are must holds. theyre straight up bellcows getting sick volume. i wouldnt move hopkins and kirk either. hopkins is elite, kirk is low key seeing amazing volume on the most pass heavy team in the league. his blow up is coming soon please help!
  4. i wouldnt trade for diggs. i think your fine at WR imo. Kyle allen has been locked into Samuel. He is the better fantasy player than diggs right now. if your still trying to move brieda ans samuel id be targeting someone else maybe Godwin at WR if thats possible. much rather have him than diggs. Theres nothing wrong with standing pat either tho man. Help me out! thanks.
  5. c. A. Jones, John Brown for Carson, A.Cooper if you have strong RB depth and need an upgrade at WR id take this. Cooper has been a stud and that offense has been really nice. worst case scenario for carson even if he starts splitting snaps with penny even more, hed still probably be getting similar usage to jones. Brown had a down game last week and probably will this week but hes been great week1 and week2. hes a great upside flex and WR3 for bye weeks going forward. thanks in advance!
  6. i would do this trade. Kirk is seeing strong volume and has been playing a lot of snaps in the slot avoiding top CBs id much rather have him over Ridley, even if Carson does in fact lose some work because of his fumbles, he'd still be in a time share on one of the most run heavy teams in the league and has a stud QB who can move the ball. Fournette is seeing great volume but has been really bad and has ZERO redzone carries so far this year. i also think for fantasy purposes hooper is the better TE. i dont know if the Bucs offense can support much behind Evans and Godwin. Arians talked OJ up after his struggles and he still didnt really do a whole lot against one of the worst defenses in the league. Help is appreciated!
  7. I need 1 of the 3 in a .5 ppr, Carson, Jacobs, or Gallman. need my RB2 slot filled, have Boyd locked into my flex. some pros and cons for each: Carson: carrolls public endorsement backing him up amid the fumbles, ARZ has been decent against the run so far, Penny is set to return Jacobs: Got game flowed last week but still was efficient, Gruden been talking him up for pass game involvement, Darious leanord is out for IND and Devonta Freeman had his best rushing game to date last week with Darious out. Risk if IND gets ahead early and gruden keeps jacobs off field Gallman: inline for potentially 15+ touches, better oline than hes ever had, potential shootout game, not the most explosive player
  8. Fitz been getting WR1 usage and has been balling. Fire him up
  9. He was my waiver in my superflex. if the saints are serious about preserving their season they will roll this kid out and see what he can do. I think its pretty clear that bridgewater isn't the answer. Going to be extremely interesting to see how this shakes out.
  10. I think your locked and loaded. the only person I would consider would be Ross, but hes got a pretty tough road matchup and I love Fitz. He was so undervalued this year (just like every year). and your ovbi not benching Brown or evans for him. I say leave the lineup. goodluck!
  11. I think the best value is Ekeler and Hollywood. Ekeler is getting a lot of work and Hollywood is seeing his target share rise like crazy. ekeler will take a hit when Melvin comes back but theres no way they just hand backfield completely over to Melvin with how well Austin has been. Hollywood is looking like a fine WR2 who has potential for Overall WR1 weeks.
  12. thanks man, im not concerned about the groin, more concerned that he wasn't a bellcow in the KC game. granted I would expect OAK to be behind more often then not in games.