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  1. Y. Gurriel for Pham

    No way. Keep Pham. 5 tool guy potential. Gurriel really isn't great at anything. I would keep Pham and hope he breaks out in 2nd half
  2. The only one I would think about is Desmond for Pham.
  3. Who is my 5th keeper? **WHIR**

    The only choice here is Acuna or Soto. The others shouldn't even be in the discussion. One could argue to keep both of them over Machado due to round value. Machado is a 1st round pick, so you are getting 6 rounds of value there. Acuna and Soto, where do they get drafted next year? Top 80 overall? Then you are getting 12 rounds of value for them. You can just redraft Harper in Round 1 with your pick. With that said, I would keep Thor, Albies, JRam, Acuna, Soto. That leaves you all early round picks to gobble up the good players put back in the draft. SS is deeper than most think. Who knows, maybe you can redraft Machado as well
  4. Make deal or stand pat? WHIR

    I would definitely trade Eloy for either of them. Im just not a fan of his. Immense power, but that is all he really brings. No speed, .270 ish BA, terrible glove. Keep Acuna and Tatis and move Eloy. Plus it seems the White Sox always screw up their prospects. I wouldn't hesitate trading him for a top 10 SP. Take your pick, Thor or Kershaw.
  5. Other owner wants Bryce...what should I ask for? WHIR

    I wouldn't trade Harper for anyone on that list. Wait until he breaks out in 2nd half then trade him for a Bauer/Severino type SP. If you trade him now, his value is too low. Trade him when his value gets restored to a 1st/2nd round pick.
  6. Votto for Marte?

    Votto isn't getting any younger, trade him while he still has some value. Marte is much better in a Roto league with his elite SB's. Especially since Votto has no use to you next year and Marte does, this trade makes a lot of sense. Do it
  7. Mookie Betts Trade

    The only one I would consider is #2, but you would need to swap out Carrasco for one of your lesser pitchers. Try Mookie, Desmond, and a SP not named Berrios or Carrasco for Cruz, Kershaw, Kluber. If you cant keep Carrasco/Berrios then I would say no to all 3
  8. Make the deal?

    Try a bag of chips and a couple of baseballs. With that said, I would make that trade. You are getting the 2 best players in the deal for 3 waiver wire players
  9. Tatis or Rosario? Dynasty League. WHIR

    I would do the trade for Tatis Jr. Your dynasty team needs a SS badly. If you do make that trade, I would not trade Harper for Sale. Your OF would get really slim after trading away Rosario and Harper.
  10. Rizzo or Freeman?

    I agree with previous poster. Since you can only keep 4, I would get Freeman. Your keepers would be Freeman, Altuve, Bryant, and Correa (with Vlad Jr #5). Freeman is a big upgrade over Rizzo this season.
  11. Drop Gibson and pickup Hendricks RIGHT NOW. Hendricks is a much better option next week and ROS. The other SP aren't that great, the only other option I would consider is dropping Brian Anderson for Kingham. You have 3 - 3B eligible players in Bregman, Rendon, and Suarez so he will never play anyway.
  12. Which SP to drop for a bat, WHIR

    Gray. Pitching half his games at Coors will not let him reach his max potential. 2nd would be Gibson, 3rd would be Taillon
  13. Trout

    I had to give up Syndergaard, Pham, and Britton to get Trout in my league. Pham and Britton were keeper eligible, but Thor and Trout were not. So now owning Trout, I would not trade him for either of those offers. Although the better of the 2 is the first one with Kershaw
  14. Worth staying? WHIR

    Plenty of other leagues to have fun in than to deal with the drama of that one. I would run like hell before you invest a single cent into that Soap Opera.
  15. I vote Piscotty. The other 2 are older and we know what you are getting out of them (and its not much). Piscotty at least have some intriguing upside and seems to be getting out of his funk after dealing with the death of his mother during the 1st half. I like Piscotty for ROS. CarGo would be 2nd only because of Coors field, then Peralta