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  1. Yes Do it. There are always more prospects. Robles is what Acuna was a year ago, and you are getting a top 10 SP and a top 5 1B. I dont understand why people get so infatuated with prospects. They think Acuna will be the Next guy GREATER than Trout while not realizing those guys come along once in a century. So what if Acuna is the next Trout, look at what you are getting for him? If this offer was proposed 4 months ago, you wouldn't even have hesitated. Look at Benintendi. He was the greatest thing since Trout for the first half then lost a lot of value in the 2nd half. Take the proven studs AND top 5 Prospect
  2. Early talk for my Keepers

    Im leaning the same way. Tough to give up on Devers tho, I am really torn between Aguilar, Devers, Leclerc and Bieber for my final 2 spots. My minor leaguer wont be decided until I see what happens in Spring. Ideally Sheffield or James are locked into starting rotation to make my decision easier
  3. Brown/Jones/Sutton - PPR

    1. Jones - Always play a RB who will get high volume of touches over a WR 2. Sutton - Going to be great down the stretch. A close 2nd to Jones IMO 3. Brown - I wouldn't even consider him with the 2 above
  4. Flex Help!! WHIR

    1. Sutton 2. Cooper 3. Brown 4. Carson/Davis 5. Parker There is a reason Denver traded away Thomas and his name is Courtland Sutton. He will show up today. Dude is going to be a top 30 WR rest of way with a good chance to be top 20.
  5. Which FLEX to start? .5ppr WHIR of course

    I too like Howard this week. Bears should be doing a lot of running to ice this game away
  6. Baldwin or sutton.

    No way, Sutton the real deal. Especially in a non PPR, I like Sutton to score this week.
  7. Im in a 14 team league where the scoring leans a little heavier towards TD's. 100 Receiving yards = 1 Td. Also, .2 ppr (a td is 4 poins). With that said, need 3 players to fill out my WR/Flex spots. I do not have to play a TE if I dont want to, however Reed can play in the WR/TE slot if he is one of the best options this week. Choose 3: Jordan Reed - vs. Atlanta Cavin Ridley - at Washington Sammy Watkins - at Cleveland Courtland Sutton - vs. Houston Taylor Gabriel - at Buffalo Quincy Enunwa - at Miami Right now leaning towards Sutton, Reed, and Watkins. Any thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated! Leave link and I WHIR
  8. Dynasty League Trade - Big names

    I agree with the crowd. Take the deal. Im not convinced Baez can do it again with those elite numbers. Lets call Benintendi and Baez a wash with OBP as a category. I think Mondesi > Peralta and Lewis > Riley, so there is where you are really winning the trade IMO.
  9. Chubb & Cooks for Mike Evans?

    I would try and trade Chubb and Cooks and try and get Mike Trout or Mookie Betts. That would be a great start to next year's BASEBALL season. Wrong forum buddy
  10. Trade Mookie

    Why??? Absolutely Not. Who cares about the salary, I will take the top 3 Overall player everytime
  11. Who should I keep?

    I dont think there is any way you can keep Andujar with already having Arenado and Machado. Foolish to fill your Util spot this early when you have other good players to choose from. I would also not keep Bellinger and keep Flaherty and Jimenez. Soto and Eloy will be a force to reckon with for quite some time. Flaherty has the highest ceiling IMO of those SP (other than Severino)
  12. Need help with keepers! WHIR

    How many teams do you think will be keeping a 1st round pick? Is there a way you can tell? Im sure guys like Trout, Arenado, etc are being kept in first round, so how many teams do you think will actually have a pick? That might help with your decision. If there are 5 teams with keepers, then only 5 teams to contend with, worst case scenario you will end up with Springer, instead of Betts, Bryant, Stanton, Harper. In my opinion, I would gamble if there are 5 or more teams with keepers in the 1st round for the chance to land Betts. If there are only 2 or 3 (which seems unlikely to me) with keepers, then you might have to keep Harper because more of a 50/50 bet
  13. Early talk for my Keepers

    Yes that would be huge if James got a rotation spot. Same thing goes for Sheffield. If either is locked into the rotation next season, they will be my ML spot. Thats a big value, getting a SP in round 23 of a 16 team points league. Thanks for the help!
  14. Need help with keepers! WHIR

    Ok, well when you are vague with all the specifics, then we need to respond with whatever information we have. If there truly are no players worthy of a first round selection, then by all means keep him. I would rather have him than Springer. Would obviously rather have Mookie. Lean slightly Bryant over Harper and lean slightly Harper over Stanton. I dont really know why you included Harper as one of the options to choose from. Your thread should have just been pick one of these three (Realmuto, Mondesi, Tucker) for you final spot as you already have your mind made up you are keeping Harper. Best of Luck!
  15. Need help with keepers! WHIR

    This doesnt make any sense. You would have to see the players put back, and I would bet that there are much better players put back then Harper. You admit he is a top 30 player, but lets say he has pick #5 then that would be #5 overall? Im sure other owners are keeping players in the first round (Trout, Arenado, Betts, ?) so his 1st round pick might end up being the #1 pick of players left? There is no value keeping a top 30 player in the first round. If the 29 other players are all kept, then that would mean this guy would have the only pick in the first round and then could redraft Harper and still have Realmuto. There is NO CHANCE Realmuto would last until the 8th round with 50 players already gone. Someone will reach early to get that advantage Realmuto provides.