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  1. Lineup Help

    Kiermeier from Tampa Bay as been scorching hot lately and can help in both HR and SB's if needed. Also, Looks like Story is having elbow issues, take a look at Garrett Hampson if you are in need of a infielder (starting at SS tonight). He has a good hit tool and above average speed. Coors Field always helps as well. As far as pitchers go, check out Sandy Alcantara from Marlins. Might not win, but his ratios have been solid and been going at least 6 innings with decent K numbers. One of the top Marlins prospects, being given a chance to see what he can do
  2. SP help

    Buehler, Mikolas, Bieber.
  3. Auction Keepers for next season?

    Trout Machado Seager Baez Soto Cain Kershaw Flaherty In that order. With Machado, Seager Baez there is no need to keep Andujar. Cain is pretty valuable in Roto leagues, I would keep him over Andujar anyway. Flaherty and Kershaw give you nice start at SP.
  4. Which D/ST to start?

    1. Atlanta 2. Jacksonville 3. Giants
  5. Selling high on Conner to get Beckham

    Why are you even questioning this? Of course you should trade for the 2nd round pick (at latest) in Beckham for a bunch of bench players. Cooks is nothing more than a WR3 in that offense. Conner is only good for as long as Bell is out. Dont be fooled into thinking he is the next Bell, Conner will be back to WW material in about 3 weeks. Who cares about Blue, the trade is for the ELITE player in Beckham
  6. 1. Familia 2. Doolittle 3. Greene
  7. Waiver claim help.....whir
  8. Golladay or Enunwa???

    Enunwa by far IMO. Proven track record back in 2016. Golladay is easily 3rd fiddle behind Tate and Jones Jr. Enunwa will probably we #1 or at worst 1A.
  9. Waiver claim help.....whir

    Geronimo Allison and Quincy Enunwa are Must Adds in all leagues, especially Enunwa in full point PPR. Both those guys will be solid #3 WR with #2 upside.
  10. DEFENSE Help Please

    Im in a 14 team league where almost every defense is always rostered. I currently have Seahawks, Chiefs, and Falcons D. The Jets are one of 2 defenses available on the WW. Are they better than one of these defenses? Are they worth picking up? Im leaning towards cutting the Chiefs D and picking up the Jets. What does the forum think? WHIR Thanks!
  11. 1PPR: Burkhead or Conner?

    Conner. Less chance for a timeshare.
  12. QB week one.

    Wilson was #1 QB last year, no way you are sitting him EVER. Mahomes has the chance to be great, but only time will tell. Dont get cute, start the stud
  13. Yea I dont like Crabtree either. Im thinking James White in the flex. Michel looks like he will sit and obviously Edelman is out. Lots of targets for him. He can be risky tho, so if you want a safer choice I would start Lynch or Cobb
  14. Cole vs Still in full point PPR

    Stills easy. Jax still a run first and run heavy offense
  15. Flash Gordon or Chris Thompson in FLEX

    Chris Thompson, especially in PPR. Gordon is rumored to be on a snap count for the first game or 2. Plus weather sucks in Cleveland. Thompson should be one of the focal points of the offense and has shown promise for good games when healthy.