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  1. I would 100% cut Posey for Murphy. Way past his prime, and Murphy just entering his. If Murphy stays healthy, he should finish in top 10 C next year. Posey will be lucky to finish top 20
  2. Eloy easy IMO. He is the only one who can be a true difference maker in that trade IMO.
  3. Honestly why are you even thinking about this right now? Win the league then post this in the offseason when we are all bored and wanting to talk fantasy baseball
  4. This should tell you all you need to know. Its not even close IMO.
  5. I like the rebuilding side of Senzel and Adell plus the draft picks. Hope you win the league this year (or soon) because I dont like Blackmon and Doolittle for much longer. Unfortunately, I would say you lost that trade in a 10 player keeper
  6. Huh? It took some time for Adley Rutschman to make his professional debut, but once he was finally out there, it didn't take long for him to show why he went No. 1 overall in last month's Draft. Rutschman homered in his first-ever Minor League game as the Gulf Coast League Orioles fell to the Pirates, 6-4, on Saturday in Bradenton, Florida. Baltimore's top selection had been sidelined while dealing with a case of mononucleosis.
  7. I like Story more than Harper at this point. You have enough OF depth to make this move and get one of the best SS in the fantasy game. As long as he stays in Colorado, he will be a stud for the forseeable future
  8. I really dont understand this trade at all. Why would Sanchez owner trade him AND Kluber for Contreras? Is it a salary move? Either way, I take Sanchez and Kluber and worry about the salary later
  9. Here's a better story of a trade that Didnt happen. It was sometime in May, Im in a 16 team H2H Keeper league and another owner put the struggling Jose Ramirez OTB. I sent an offer of Ketel Marte, Rafael Devers, and MadBum for Jose Ramirez and a hurt Matt Olson. The only keeper eligible players in that deal were Marte and Devers, the others are not eligible. He laughed and said no way. Im now in first place and Devers is the 9th best hitter in our league and Marte is 15th. I get to keep them both next year also. The best NON trade I ever made!
  10. Sale DeGrom Kershaw Strasburg Grienke
  11. Devers/Correa for Trout is an absolute no brainer IMO. Get the best player in MLB BY FAR. Amazing how every gives up on Devers going into this season, but now they wont trade him for Trout after 3+ months of greatness. If you can trade an always hurt Correa and an overachieving Devers for Trout, you should do that in a heartbeat
  12. "McNeil, 27, now owns nine homers and 41 RBI on the season in 84 games. The two hits help increase his average to .345, and his OPS bumps up to .917. We saw glimpses of this last year, but it was a bit understandable if people were hesitant to believe that McNeil is this good. It's getting harder to justify that feeling now. McNeil can flat-out hit." For Redraft, its McNeil for sure for me (And I am a Brewers fan). Hiura will regress after hitting the rookie wall
  13. I would for sure make this deal. To get a SS who is performing well AND a top 20 SP is well worth giving up Turner. Redraft only. Especially if your SP is as thin as you say it is. Essentially trading speed for power at the SS position. AVG pretty equal. Get the top SP for the slightly less production at SS
  14. I would not do this trade. Those guys are back end players at their positions, and borderline waiver wire material. Stanton is a difference maker if he can ever stay healthy and the best dynasty asset in that deal BY FAR. Stanton played quite a bit the last 2 seasons in New York, so I wouldn't give up on him just yet in dynasty. Those 3 guys you are getting are not difference makers IMO to make this move