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  1. Degrom v Severino difference?

    I would definitely make that trade. Younger and much more value at $8. DeGrom is the better pitcher for sure, but not 400% better which is the difference in salary. $30 is about 12% of your cap, thats a nice surplus to spend on other players. If DeGrom is $38, there should be some quality ones around $30. Severino is not that much worse than DeGrom IMO. Plus, I highly doubt DeGrom even comes close to his numbers last year. He will for sure get more wins, but the other ratios should come back to earth. He was fantastic last year and deservedly won the Cy Young.
  2. Value of Draft Picks in 14 team Dynasty...WHIR.

    Freeman would be a lot better. I cant believe that owner would do that trade tho. Freeman a top 40 overall player (if not higher). If you can get either player, do it for sure. Freeman would be my first choice. Seems crazy that the Freeman owner would trade him for a draft pick, especially 1.10, but by all means, take advantage of the village idiot if you can
  3. Why would you do that? You already have a good and young dynasty team with help right around the corner. Correa, Judge, Torres, Andujar, Castillo, Snell are all nice building blocks in a dynasty league. Plus you have some elite prospects that will help soon enough also in Eloy, Rodgers, etc. Absolutely no need to trade your best players for a complete rebuild, again, that would be foolish. Your team should compete right now
  4. No kidding. Two young studs, one hitter and one pitcher for a Prospect? Again, they hype is getting way out of control. I really hope Vlad Jr flops out of the gate so I can watch people squirm. If you are trading BOTH Judge and Snell for Vlad you dont belong in fantasy baseball. Im sorry, but thats the truth. MAYBE one of them for Vlad, but no way BOTH. Thats not only stupid, but also insane.
  5. rank these players for the coming season

    1. Acuna 2. Bregman 3. Altuve
  6. Value of Draft Picks in 14 team Dynasty...WHIR.

    I would be all over trading 1.10 for Marte. Marte will help you for 2-3 years at least and thats how long that draft pick will take to get to MLB. By that time, you can add more prospects while still trying to win now with Marte. Thats too good of a player to pass on. You would be happy if your 1.10 draft pick turned out to be as good as Marte, and you get the return now. Easy trade IMO
  7. Jose Ramirez for Vladdy in Dynasty

    Thats insane. Trade a top 5 overall player for the uber hyped Vlad Jr. The hype is seriously getting out of control. The guy will be good most likely, but the odds are way against him being a top 5 overall player like you already have. JoRam is too young of a dynasty asset to trade for Vlad Jr at this time.
  8. I like the Thor/Hosmer side, especially if that team needs SP help
  9. Help Me Choose 3 Dynasty Keeper Options (7x7)

    I would go with Freeman, Story, and Paxton. Paxton is the best value in terms of round picked. Whitley is too young to keep in a limited Keeper league, especially in a 10 team league. If it was true dynasty where there are unlimited keepers, it would be different. Remember, Whitley will be babied for the first year or 2 to keep his innings down. Freeman will hep you the most in a 7x7 with contributing in 6 of the 7 stat categories, and Story is great value in round 5. Davis is a HR guy, but 7x7 he only really helps in 3 or so. His AVG is not good and he doesnt walk as much as he should. Never over 100 runs either. I would put him back along with Whitley
  10. Make this Eloy Jiminez trade?

    If you can get Andujar, that would be a trade I would do for sure. The original one without him I actually kind of like as well. Getting Archer would be a nice get, and I actually like Eloy more than Benintendi long term. Some people might think thats crazy, but I just dont see the hype around Benintendi. A nice solid player but doesnt have the Elite upside that Eloy possesses. Archer is way better than Price IMO. James is tough to give up, but Sanchez has #1 upside if the arm stays in tact. James had 1 really good year and wasnt even on most prospect hunters radar before last year. He is intriguing for this year if he can stick in rotation, but they will have a short leash with him, especially with Whitley waiting in the wings. Try and get Andujar also, then that makes the trade even better. But I still dont mind it if you cant. Especially long term
  11. Choosing Between Gary Sanchez Proposals

    Are you trading Sanchez alone for those packages? I definitely dont like option 1. Offer 2 is a little more intriguing, but still lacks the wow factor for me if trading a difference maker at the C position who is young. Manaea and Manning are nice SP to add to dynasty, Naylor has a good hit tool, but needs a trade to become relevant. Brinson has been a bust so far, with nothing underlying that foreshadows a breakout. Andrus is ok, probably try and flip him also. I would keep shopping Sanchez and go for Quality rather than quantity. But if these are your best options, I like #2 a lot more.
  12. Trading Arenado for a SS

    I would get Bregman for sure if you could. Thats a good get. Especially if Arenado doesnt resign in Colorado. I think his value drops. His road splits are scary. He will still be a good player, but probably much more so in real life because of his Gold Glove. I think if you can get Story + a small piece, I would try that. Baez I would not trade Arenado for. His aggressive style scares me.
  13. Keeper Trade

    I agree a lot with this. Price is blah to me. Same with Casty, but round 16 is good value. Tucker who knows, nice looking prospect, but blocked at the moment. When Kershaw pitches, they are of extreme quality. Even 150 innings out of him is better than 200 of most others. I would stand pat as well
  14. Dyansty trade for Nola

    I agree with F@ndmonium. Remember, Nola is only 25 and looks to be a really solid dynasty asset for quite some time. Prospects fail A LOT. Nola is a proven ace who is young. Even if rebuilding, Nola is a great piece to build around. I would try and get a closer MLB ready piece to go along with Wander and Kirilloff (I possible). Otherwise I you really feel he need to trade or the prospects, I would need all 3 for me to like it.
  15. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    What is SAGNOF? Ive seen that on Razzball and could never figure out what it was