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  1. Paxton, and not even close for me. Should win a lot, strikeout a lot, and have decent ratios. Cant play scared and worry about injuries. Every SP in the league is an injury risk.
  2. 1. Profar - His position eligibilty is huge Should be eligible all over infield. Will play great in a points league 2. Muncy - Same. Nice position eligibilty. 30 HR power with high OBP. Another good fit for a points league 3. Hicks 4. Pollock
  3. Same for me. These 3 should help in 2019 and all have great upside. Shouldn't have to wait long which helps their value
  4. I would drop Rizzo or Thor. Not sure if you can see other keepers to see how many SP are put back, but he might be my choice. If a lot of them are held over, then Rizzo. I just think Realmuto gives too much of an advantage at the C position to put back
  5. 1. Paxton 2. Strasburg 3. Corbin 4. Grienke
  6. I like Mondesi and one of the SP, either Buehler or Flaherty. Whichever you liked better.
  7. Sorry, thought I read 4. My 5th would have been Severino, as that is extreme value. However that shoulder injury is VERY worrisome. MRI's have said its just inflammation, but that could linger all season. Shoulder injuries to SP throwing arms are sometimes worse than elbows, because they can lead to other injuries and cant be fixed as easily as elbows it seems. If you want to gamble on that arm and that he will stay healthy, I dont think anyone will fault you. 21st round for an Ace is extreme value. If it was my team, I would actually keep Leclerc. He just signed a contract extension with Texas, so the likelihood he remains the closer all year is high. He has top 10 upside, and in a categories league, the saves are nice to get in the 19th round
  8. Yes fair trade. I like the Urias side better long term, but Olson side for the chance to win now
  9. I like Realmuto, Snell, Corbin, Torres. Those 4 are the best value IMO. The key to keeper leagues is getting the best value for your players picked, freeing up the earlier rounds to draft the players put back. IMO, keeping Torres in the 20th and pairing him with the 3rd round pick will most likely net a better return than keeping Yelich in 3rd and pairing him with player picked in the 20th.
  10. 2 start pitchers will always be a part of points leagues. Unless you have daily transactions with a limited number of moves per week. That can help a little, but still wont change the fact that when Max pitches on Monday, you are getting a 2nd start on the weekend. Your best bet is to have lineups lock at the start of the week to stop people from adding/dropping SP throughout the week. If you must have daily lineup changes, limit the number of pickups per week to say 3. Or limit the number of SP you can pick up un any given week One thing about 2 start weeks: it does help bring the aces back to earth when they dont pitch twice in a given week. 2 starts from a guy like Newcomb or Marco can help combat the one start of Scherzer. Now when the aces pitch twice, ouch. But thats usually once every 3-4 weeks
  11. This is the reason aces matter so much. Guys like Scherzer dominate the points leagues because they pitch so many innings and get so many K's. When most SP only go 6 maybe 7 these days, the more points you assign to IP, the more its gonna favor the aces.
  12. No way. Trout is a different animal when it comes to fantasy baseball. People are giving up a lot more for Vlad Jr then they are trading for Trout. Some real Superstar fatigue with Trout. He is so damn good, people are just wanting to trade him now because they are bored with him. Keep Trout, dont be silly
  13. To be brutally honest, I dont like either of your first 2 picks. Keeper leagues are all about value in the rounds you are keeping them, freeing up the early rounds to draft the stud players put back. At this point, Buehler at 21 is the best value IMO. Mondesi in last round and Seager (20) or Pham (21) would have been much better value picks than DeGrom and Realmuto. If you wanted the stud SP, Buehler at #1 should have been the pick. Great production without giving up the 2nd round pick. I would be curious as to who is there at that pick. But whats done is done. I would take Buehler, Seager, Mondesi, Pham in that order for your last pick. Good Luck! EDIT: Sorry, I misread your post. Trading 7th for DeGrom was a good move and I like the Hoskins pick #1. That would have been the best value to me. Realmuto, I still would have passed on, taking Seager or Mondesi.
  14. I think Story is the clear cut pick here. His blend of Power/Speed and also hitting in the best ballpark in the majors, makes this an easy decision for me
  15. Story and Hoskins, and not even that close for me. Both provide great value at their respective rounds. Easy top 50 players, with Story being a 1st or 2nd round stud
  16. If limited DL spots, then definitely drop him. I would pick up Narvaez also. Not sure if Astudillo is available, but he would be my top choice if he is. He might be available in a 12 team league with only 10 Minors spots
  17. Yea but look at who he is keeping over him. Bregman and Judge are just safer plays to me. Judge has the Power and Bregman the Hit Tool. There really isn't a bad choice here, but the Petco factor is the difference to me
  18. Nola by quite a bit. Pitches in NL and now Phillies signed Harper. Snell still has to deal with Boston and Yankees a lot. Great pitcher, but I like Nola a little bit more here.
  19. Yea I would hold at this point also. Darvish would be a good SP to gamble on, but I would try for a different secondary piece instead of Desmond. Im not as high on EE as others, I think he will decline rather soon at age 36+. Try to swap out Desmond for a different player with some upside and I would do it. otherwise, stand pat.
  20. Judge and Bregman for me. Petco will hurt Machado's overall value. Still a great player, but more like 2nd or 3rd round player now IMO.
  21. Bregman Easy. First round talent that could be had at the end of the 2nd round if you are lucky. Even 1st pick of 2nd round is still a nice get. Realmuto decent value, but he can be redrafted. No way you get Bregman back without a 1st round pick
  22. Its a tough spot. Im worried about the turnover with closers, and Texas could very easily trade him at deadline. We can start SP in the RP slots also, so a lot of times I pick up 2 start SPARP's and use them there. Also, Holds are 7 points, whereas Saves are 10, so the really good setup men usually go undrafted so can pick those guys up. Yea, it is worrisome to me, hence the hesitation. Im a Brewers fan though, so I have my heart in play there also. He will most likely bat 3rd or 4th in a stacked lineup, so if I can get 25-30 Hr's, with close to 100 RBI's with a .270-.280 AVG Ill be happy with that in the 18th round (roughly pick 288). Im mostly torn between Bieber/Aguilar/Devers. Need 2 of those. Leaning towards putting Bieber back and loading up on SP in the draft
  23. 1. Berrios - pretty clear cut IMO 2. Castillo - great upside on improved team. Drops off after him in these rankings 3. Glasnow 4. Freeland NO WAY I make that trade. Berrios is a top 25 SP, Mallex Smith not worth giving that up IMO