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  1. Derek Carr 2018 Outlook

    Looks like the Carr brothers lack of football acumen is a family bloodline trait.
  2. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Outlook

    I’ll worry about next year, next year. Stanton is killing my playoff chances with his repeated 0 fers. Sad, very sad and yes very overrated.
  3. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Outlook

    JuJu, will break one in the slot , ala Cobb, for a 75 yarder. By Halloween, this kid will be a top 10 WR.
  4. Leaning Keenum at home vs a cherry opponent in Oakland or Luck trekking to the outdoor confines of Washington?
  5. C.J. Anderson 2018 Outlook

    When the Panthers go up big, you don’t think CMC or Cam is gonna ground and pound, do ya?
  6. LeGarrette Blount 2018 Outlook

    At least one TD Monday v the Jets.
  7. Derek Carr 2018 Outlook

    That’s his only salvation. Maybe some garbage time points. However at that point maybe Coach Chucky gives his new toy McCarron some TNF showcase time.
  8. Latavius Murray 2018 Outlook

    Cook coming back from the injury will be on a pitch count. Besides the Vikes should be up sufficiently to give Murray the ground and pound time.
  9. Dallas Goedert 2018 Outlook

    Two TE sets for sure tonight. I expect both TEs as well as Ajayi to shine v Atlanta.
  10. Jose Berrios 2018 Outlook

    Berrios has hit the dog days of summer wall. Hopefully he reverts to earlier pitching results in Sept. Problem is, it looks like the Twins have thrown in the towel on 2018, Berrios included.
  11. Mark Ingram 2018 Outlook

    What if Jonathan Williams excels in his four week window? Does Ingram automatically banish Williams to the bench? Not thinking so. Whoever is the hot or hottest back is gonna get the touches. You can say that for all 32 teams too.
  12. Justin Verlander 2018 Outlook

    I’m sweet on Kate but not as much her hubby. Two of his past starts have been less than acceptable. Maybe the 35 year old is actually pitching like a 35 year old. No longer a set and forget kind of SP.
  13. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    Anyone see AJ attempt a SB? What’s his value if he doesn’t run anymore?
  14. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    We’re just about to find out, aren’t we?
  15. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Can anyone say Justin Hunter?