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  1. Im very active!! Been doing Fantasy for 5 years First year dynasty but very excited about it!!
  2. How many more do you need?
  3. Looking for Start up

  4. Is there still an open spot?
  5. I’m interested I PM you
  6. Looking for Start up

  7. Is there any traction here?
  8. I’m not interested in having a K or Def tho let me know if this still works
  9. I’m in if you get ppl
  10. Looking to join a startup Dynasty League. I am very active and looking to have fun and compete. Preferably it will be .5 PPR 4pt td for QB No IDP No K Starting lineup: 1qb, 2 rb, 3wr, 1 te, 2 Flex Roster: 25 -33 Can spend up to $300 a year. (Don’t mind if it’s less) Thanks, Eli Dm or email me at if you have something.
  11. I would deff join if you are open to dropping the K hate playing with them.
  12. Check this league out it may work for you ??
  13. Hey check this one out ??