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  1. Hard to say without the rest of your team. I like getting Carson or getting Conner and Anderson.
  2. I'd trade one of your TEs for another RB. You really need some more depth there.
  3. I'd much rather have Samuels. He's imo soon to be the #1 WR on that team and will have some more blowup games like this past week.
  4. I would stay put and play the waivers for fill ins. Not worth it to sell solid players RoS for 1 win while your team is trending in the right direction. You have a couple droppable guys that could help you out.
  5. I think this is a fair trade and should help you out a lot. Big upgrade for you.
  6. I think it's close but I'd rather have Bell. With Darnold back his situation will only improve.
  7. Ya I would and use your other TEs as trade bait. Trade 2 of the 3 you have, you could probably get some really good value for them.
  8. MVS like the others said. Not high on starting Williams coming off his injury.
  9. Like the others said definitely start Dak. For the Bye week I'd roll with Stafford. I think he should have a really good week vs the Giants.
  10. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR QB: Ryan RB: Chubb, Breida, Montgomery, Sanders WR: MT, Cooks, Ridley, Gallup, ARob, Auden Tate, Preston Williams TE: Kittle, Hockenson D/ST: Vikings K: Tucker I need to get another RB I think. Who could I trade to grab another? Willing to trade anybody other than Chubb, MT, Kittle, and Ryan. Thinking of offering Hock in a package to some needy TE teams if he has a good game tonight. What would you do? Will Help in Return!
  11. I think the value is fine. If you feel like you'll get by fine without Waller I would do this, otherwise I would hold.
  12. I would hold with Zeke and Hock. Zeke is worth more than both of those players currently.
  13. I'd hold Murray only on the off chance Kamara goes down with an injury. Barber isn't good enough to dropping an important handcuff.
  14. I'd take all 3 over Howard tbh. He's just going to continue to disappoint and I'd rather take my chance on the others. I'd rank them Herndon, Everett, and Fant.