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  1. I was sad because I had a high ankle sprain until I met a man with massive trauma to the groin.
  2. Almost. Right now, he’s a rich man’s Darwin Thompson.
  3. Yeah...but did y’all see that hurdle?
  4. Oh. Well on Redzone, it looked different.
  5. I can’t imagine many teams leaving Evans in single coverage like that. Credit to Arians and Winston for just keeping it simple and hit that weak spot. Should have a W for the effort.
  6. Gonna have to let him blow up on my bench. Hope he does though
  7. Just saw that. I’m still having trouble pulling the trigger on what normally would be an easy decision for me. I guess the weather and Ravens blitz might lead to more short passes to Thompson?
  8. I’d like to hear if that’s the case but I’m not sure they tarp ff fields. Do they?
  9. If McCoy is out, I can definitely see where it could be close in these conditions.
  10. Well I’m not missing this. Dropping my kicker and going empty spot this weekend.
  11. Why couldn’t this happen with a different matchup and decent conditions.
  12. Can I tell you about Darwin Thompson and T J Johnson?