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  1. I would do that without hesitation. Even without McCoys legal troubles. He may have a repeat performance but with his age and crappy team, I think there’s a better chance he disappoints. And Edelman should be a clear upgrade over Fuller.
  2. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm targeting Hopkins as well. The above does worry me but the Texan's O-line is suspect and Miller is just an average RB. I don't think they can effectively run the ball to control a game. Although they have an easy schedule for RB as well as WR. As well as being QB proof last season, DH was also matchup proof. Fuller and Keke should keep the field spread for Hopkins.
  3. New Dynasty League Draft 4th Pick WHIR

    I agree with Zeke over Barkley but not by much. But I can see the difficult scenario of watching Giants/Cowboys and hoping Zeke does well but not too well. Although I guess it would limit the pain in a Giants loss.
  4. Agree. And even with Brissett, he could still be a top 10 guy. Brissett had like 2 weeks to learn the Colts playbook. Another year in the system, I think Hilton still could have a great year without Luck. Although certainly not as good as with healthy Luck.
  5. I'll add that if it's clear they are going to use Amari in the slot more often, I might take him over Hilton. Depending on who my #1 receiver is.
  6. I like Hilton. Especially if he's your #2. And I don't agree with Cooper having the higher upside. He had 1153 yards and 5 TD in his best season. Maybe Gruden improves his situation but the drops are a real problem. Especially if Carr doesn't have the confidence to throw to him. And Gruden has said he wants to go heavier on the run. Crabtrees's gone but Bryant might play and there's Nelson. Carr also likes Cook. Hilton doesn't have any real competition. Doyle/Ebron I guess.
  7. Unless he’s very inexperienced, he’s not going to downgrade at QB and WR to pick up someone who he probably won’t normally start. He’s got Hopkins and Edelman after week 4. In PPR, that’s solid. You’d have to throw in Watkins or Gordon I would think. Which wouldn’t be bad. You’d have Hopkins and Hilton at the WR and then Gordon as the flex. And upgrade your QB. But I think you’re OK where you’re at after the first trade. Just be thinking about an RB.
  8. I wouldn't take the first offer. Watson was great last year but it was a small sample size. Brees should have positive TD regression this year. Watson should have better numbers but not enough to justify Thomas for Edelman. And I don't think there's anyway he's going to add Hopkins on his side.
  9. QB: Brees WR: Thomas, Hilton, RB: Kamara, Mixon FLEX: Gordon TE: Burton DEF: Rams K: Elliot This would be a great starting team.
  10. Also, I like Watkins better than Cooks. If I remember correctly, Cooks has one of the toughest schedules relating to the top CB. He plays like 4 of the top 5 cover corners. And 12 of the top 20. Or something like that. And the Chiefs said they were going to move Watkins all over the field. I don't think he's just a decoy. And he's a better route runner than Hill. Plus the money they paid him. I think he'll get his chance.
  11. I think it's a risk he has to take. He'd be putting himself in a position to win. Otherwise, I don't think his team will make the playoffs. But yeah, the running back situation would be dicey. But if either Kamara or Mixon goes down and he needs another RB , then I don't think it matters. I love MIller but I don't think he''d have the upside this team is going to need. In a 10 team, maybe Dixon is available so he can protect himself if Collins isn't the guy.
  12. FFCollusion Fantasy Forum Championship

    I'd be up for this
  13. Agree with his RB depth but if he stands pat, I don't think he has much chance to be anything better than average. Adding Gordon and Watkins gives him significantly more upside.