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  1. Marcus Peters now on Baltimore. Don't know if he jumps in immediately or not. I assume he does. Maybe it doesn't matter much.
  2. You've just got to put him and and let him go off.
  3. Fwiw, David Chao thinks it's an aggravation of his previous quad strain. Said he watched the tape and didn't see anything that would cause a bruised thigh.
  4. I don't disagree but my point was just how disappointing most have been so far. Top tier are supposed to be "safe" picks. But this year, that hasn't held true. Hopkins and Adams never finished below WR3 last season. And the season before I believe. And never had less than double digit PPR points over that period. Between them, they've already done that 4 times. Not saying those guys don't belong at the top of WR discussions. But it's been a strange year.
  5. Pretty amazing how much disappointment there's been with the pre-draft top tier WR. Between injuries and sub-par performance, these have all been fairly painful picks. Even down through Evans. Hopkins Adams Jones Beckham JuJu Hill Evans Michael Thomas being the only good one.
  6. See a Penny, pick it up Ha ha ha, your roster's f***ed
  7. I almost think it doesn't matter about Jameis playing better. If he doesn't turn it over, Godwin maybe gets more scoring opportunities. If he does turn it over, Godwin seems to thrive in trash time. As long as Jameis doesn't play bad enough to get pulled, I think Godwin is pretty safe.
  8. Both have good schedules but Godwin's looks like cake. Plus Houston in Game 16. Whereas Cupp has SF again.
  9. I was just thinking of Barkley. There may some others but he was the easiest to think of. Bell, I suppose.
  10. I wouldn't say 10 out of 10 times. But in general, I agree with this.
  11. It comes down to who Humphrey is covering I think. If he shadows Lockett, it could be a rough game. I'm still starting him but I'm not looking at it as a free square situation.
  12. Also, I was wrong about JuJu. He had a good game. But you said, "anytime" you have a WR against Balt. So I'm not cherry picking at all. Just giving you examples of why "everytime" is wrong.
  13. OBJ - 4 points Tyler Boyd - 4 points
  14. I'm not sure that his NCAA stats against pretty weak teams is a good correlation for the NFL.
  15. Yeah....the 8-10 targets per game I was hoping for look like they're not going to happen. But you're probably right about a few more per game with Dissley being out.
  16. I'm not convinced that Gurley's injury was just a thigh contusion.
  17. Yeah...he looked awful. I thought he had better hands than this.
  18. 3-2 here drafting OBJ, JuJu, and Montgomery with 3 of my first 4 picks.
  19. I'd rather have Brown long term than Edmonds. I'd only want Murray unless 1) I owned Kamara or 2) I needed to win this weekend. Seems like Johnson is leaning to playing and I like Murray's matchup more than Brown's. But still a crapshoot as to whether Kamara/Gurley play or not.
  20. Taysom Hill. I feel like Payton is always looking for a reason to play him.