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  1. Well for that matter, the Cowboys would be a good fit. Not from a Zeke fantasy perspective of course.
  2. That's not ridiculous at all. Personally, I wouldn't take him over Hopkins. But after that, I'm going to be considering him. Agree that he's way ahead of Brown.
  3. I didn't see every game but he dropped easy TD passes. Statistically, his catch rate was 53.1%. Brown's was 61.5%. True catch rate Brown: 86.7%, Callaway 78.2%. OBJ had better numbers than both of them. ah...sorry...you asked about AJG 59.7% catch rate, 76.7% true catch rate. None of this changes the fact, that Callway was not good.
  4. I'd take OBJ as well. Baker isn't scared to throw deep and he was pretty accurate in doing so. But seemed like Calloway was constantly dropping passes or misplaying them.
  5. It's either something you get or you don't. I couldn't possibly explain it to you here without derailing the thread.
  6. it's "Lil". Lil Wayne and Lil Uzi. Show some respect.
  7. Saw $70,000,000 over 5 years. Don't know what was guaranteed.
  8. But surely a top RB looking for a new contract would be spending his time off taking care of his body and staying in shape for next season.
  9. Believe it was $14.5. But I can understand with the injury risk why he wouldn't want to get the tag. But he turned down a deal that was going to pay him $13.3 on average. With $42 in the first three years.
  10. I don’t get this either. Getting rid of a younger Cooper for a 1st just to trade away a first to overpay Brown. Who will be too old to do anything by the time they retool.
  11. I think they'll probably look to draft a young WR to fill this role.
  12. That would be pretty interesting.
  13. I think Crowder is the more talented player anyway. Problem is him staying on the field.
  14. SnowBeast aside, I wouldn't mind seeing him in Houston if they get rid of Miller.
  15. Would have to be somewhere with an outdoor stadium and cold winters.
  16. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get live video feed from the facility. We'll be able to tell a lot by his body language.
  17. If I'm replacing "injuries" with "surgeries", do I need to go back and answer your question about what players have had 3 or 4 knee injuries? Or are you OK just being done with this? I forgot what we were talking about as well. Enjoy your Sony Michele in the 4th.
  18. Yeah...and you turned that into me saying "3 or 4 knee surgeries".
  19. I never said anything about anyone having 3 or 4 knee surgeries.
  20. No idea. Why are you asking that?
  21. I should also add that all ACL injuries are not the same. And the likely hood of future damage or OA is highly dependent on the severity of the initial injury. The surgery and ACL itself isn't the problem but it's the damage done to the knee during the original injury.