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  1. how is my team? just drafted

    Nice team... howard is the only one i dont like
  2. Must draft players?

    Davis, yes, of course......Paul George, no melo, higher usage.....and, for the discount..mike conley..he is healthy and has put up top 20 numbers previously...can get him round 5ish...good value...
  3. Yeah, i have Collins, so understand the frustration...but, the talent is there, and u never know, buck allen could get hurt....
  4. Who you rather have?

    George, easily
  5. 12th Pick in my draft.. WHIR

    Dipo/paul george.....dipo is beast and george is gonna have an even better year with melo gone
  6. If ur still on the fence, look at his stats after the all-star break last year
  7. looks pretty good.. yeah, I would punt assists... yeah, trade is solid
  8. good trade for far
  9. fair?

    thanks..yeah, it is a lot.. ha.