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  1. 2018 MFL Draft

    Maybe make it 6 hours and pause the clock at midnight, start it at 7. Anything to pick up the pace, were only 1/3 of the way through, and I'm afraid its gonna slow waayyy down when we get to garbage time
  2. 2018 MFL Draft

    Only 1 pick today so far. We gotta do something different to get this thing rolling
  3. 2018 MFL Draft

    10.03 Evan Engram (NYG) te by The Nashville Kats
  4. 2018 MFL Draft

    Ok his 12 hours are up 9.10 Derek Carr (Oak) QB by Nashville Kats
  5. 2018 MFL Draft

    8.03 Greg Olsen (Car) TE by Nashville Kats
  6. 2018 MFL Draft

    7.10 Jimmy Grahm GB te by Nashville Kats
  7. 2018 MFL Draft

    He went. 2 picks ago
  8. 2018 MFL Draft

    Is there not something we can do to speed this up a bit? It's quite frustrating. Usually the same people bringing the entire thing to a hault as well
  9. 2018 MFL Draft

    6.03 Josh Gordon (Cle) wr by Nashville Kats
  10. 2018 MFL Draft

    So that's the timer right? 05.10 Tom Brady (NE) qb by Nashville Kats
  11. 2018 MFL Draft

    How did you link that
  12. 2018 MFL Draft

    The number pick next to the round is off. Montage should have used 4.08 and greenie should be 4.09 I'm pretty sure
  13. 2018 MFL Draft

    4.03 Jay Ajayi (Phi) rb by Nashville Kats
  14. 2018 MFL Draft

    3.10 A.J. Green (Cin) wr by Nashville Kats
  15. 2018 MFL Draft

    Ten hours after the pick was made, yeah thats not how drafting works