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  1. Yes he plays both sides and sometimes in the slot. On Both TD's today he was lined up on the left side. I believe Sherman only plays right side
  2. Didn't Evans ding his knee or ankle the game before? Could be an explanation.
  3. Sanders for Wentz on the table. 3 WR league. Team: QB: Fitzpatrick RB: Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Chubb, Aaron Jones WR: Davante Adams, Juju, Sanders, Edelman, Kirk, Sutton TE: Engram Trying to make a trade and don't know if this is the right one. I like Wentz ROS with Tate as another weapon. But idk if I want to give up Sanders with the increased volume after DT trade.
  4. Looking to upgrade on RB. Need help on packaging players QB: Jameis WR: Davante Adams WR: Juju WR: Sanders RB: M. Gordon RB: Lamar Miller TE: Engram FLEX: Edelman Bench: Aaron Jones, Bilal Powell, Geronimo Allison, Hooper
  5. Second straight week with a 9 for 70, this week with a TD. ROS outlook?
  6. Wish I had him in a Dynasty league. Bet McCarthy gets fired after this season and Jones becomes the man with a sensible coach.
  7. He faces soooo many lefties the next two weeks, may have to finally be a drop
  8. He's like 0 for 15 vs. Happ. Probably a big reason as well
  9. Would you guys drop Denver D for Cleveland? Or is Denver a hold?
  10. Roll Holland out there. Been pitching very well
  11. Yeah not gonna trot him out there vs. Oakland. Probably on a short pitch count as well.
  12. Also interested in this. Debating Eflin tonight and Giolito on Sunday..but dont know
  13. Bad career #s vs Hamels, I'm sitting him
  14. Gordon is going to sit tomorrow and Friday, if that helps you. I would've suggested him, but you said you're in a tight race for SBs (i dont know how, because you have quite a few burners).
  15. Junis is on a roll. I'd have to roll with him even though Matz faces MIA who obviously are trash