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  1. Ekeler Trade Value WHIR

    Was just about to reply that I didn't think you should buy high if you could wait lol. Thanks for mine!
  2. I tend to stick with RBs in these situations. It's always good to have depth at the RB position, even if the guy is in a RBBC. I'd probably just pick up Ebron and pray he keeps getting red zone looks. Thanks for mine earlier!
  3. He was outtouched, but I think Breida is clearly showing he's the better runner. Couple that with Alf's non existent pass catching ability and it's not looking good for him. Perhaps saying he's being "pushed out" was a bit of a stretch, but it's hard to envision anyone but Breida as the primary back in this offense in the coming weeks.
  4. Trade for M Evans?? whir

    I can see the reasons behind wanting Evans, but I think your team is better off staying put. You've got a solid squad, and I think Howard picks it up in the coming weeks. I worry a little about Fitz, but with Manny Sanders playing a Thielen-esque role for Keenum you should be okay.
  5. Carson vs Buck Allen? WHIR

    Allen and Bailey for me. Buck just seems to always get targets and any vultured TDs are a big bonus.
  6. I probably rank them Breida, Gio, Ekeler. Looks like Alf is getting pushed out in San Fran so more snaps should be opening up.
  7. Much like everyone else, Clement is the guy if Ajayi is a no go. If Ajayi plays, it would be really hard for me to start Copper over Enunwa with the target share QE has been getting.
  8. Howard+Baldwin for Cook, WHIR

    I think Howard is being vastly undervalued atm. He's still a very solid RB2 or fringy RB1 ROS and Cook has some injury questions. I'd stay put.
  9. Team is in signature. I could get Rodgers for Shady and Andrew Luck. Thoughts???
  10. That's a garbage trade any way you slice it, my dude.
  11. Trade Conner/R Freeman for CMC?? whir

    With your depth at RB, I'd pull the trigger on the trade. CMC has the job and the Lev/Conner situation gives me stomach ulcers. As far as waiver order goes, I value them Golladay, Lindsey, Allison, Marshall. Hope this helps. Thanks for mine!
  12. Enunwa or Lindsay? WHIR

    I think Enunwa has a more permanent role ROS than Lindsey does. Freeman isn't going anywhere, and I think he takes the "bell-cow" job around or before mid-season. It's Q for me.
  13. Team in signature. I would be giving up Julian Edelman for Kenyan Drake. Any help is appreciated!
  14. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    The point remains the same. Comparing last year's McCown to a 2016 Fitz is ridiculous.
  15. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    McCown had a 94.5 passer rating last year and threw twice as many TDs as INTs. Fitz had a 69.6 passer rating in '16 and threw 17 picks vs 12 TDs. I'd say Anderson benefited from better QB play. That being said, I still think Robby holds some flex value, but Q appears to be the go-to guy.