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  1. With Smoak available on the wire, I wouldn't be opposed to putting a Votto/Stripling package together to try for an upper tier SP. Schwarber could also be a solid grab on the wire if Jose Martinez doesn't get traded. Thanks for the help on mine!
  2. 12 Team H2H Points Keeper League I'm out of the hunt this year, so basically looking to 2019 and beyond. I would be giving up a 6th round Carlos Martinez for a 21st round Trevor Bauer. This could be a lot easier than I'm making it, but I'm just not sure I'm 100% in on Bauer yet. Probably around 97%, not quite 100. Any help would be appreciated and I'll do my best to help in return!
  3. Blackmon, Betts, Bauer, Sale WHIR

    Strong no on the first offer; Betts is just too valuable. If he bites on the counter, I wouldn’t think twice about it, but if not I think your team is solid enough to win right now.
  4. Trade for Altuve? (WHIR!)

    Your rotation seems solid enough that you could warrant trading an oft-injured Thor. It’s a close one, but I’d probably give it a go.
  5. Kershaw for Strasburg/Yelich? *WHIR

    This is some solid insight man, thanks for the help!
  6. Kershaw for Strasburg/Yelich? *WHIR

    Based on my current keeper situation, it would basically be a toss up between Yelich and Eddie Rosario for my final spot. Both have similar round values, but the Kershaw offer makes the decision for me if I decide to go that route.
  7. Trade for Bellinger?? whir

    Okay, so yeah pretty much stand by my original statement then. Maybe a Keuchel/Nimmo package?
  8. Trade for TROUT? Whir

    No brainer in a redraft. That Trout guy is pretty good....
  9. It would take a TON to trade Jo-Ram and Bregman right now. It's a no from me.
  10. Gibson vs. Clevenger WHIR

    I'd say Clevinger by a slim margin. It's close, but he just looks to be a more solid option long term.
  11. Trade for Bellinger?? whir

    What does your bench look like? I'd probably try and sell Eovaldi high with a guy like Eaton. If he doesn't bite on that, Keuchel and a bench player would probably do the trick. Get name value for a guy that's just been mediocre in Keuchel.
  12. 12 Team Keeper League I would get a first round Kershaw and Michael Conforto I would give a 5th round Strasburg and an 8th round Yelich NOTE: It's unlikely I would be keeping Yelich, either way.
  13. Degrom or Kershaw ros

    Looking like deGrom for me. He's been an absolute stud and we're still not sure we're getting a 100% healthy Kershaw (or if we are for how long).
  14. Hill or Stripling rest of season?

    I have a hard time trusting Hill in any setting. The guy is a walking blister. I'd ride the Stripling train until the wheels fall off.