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  1. Madison Bumgarner 2019 Outlook

    The way I'm interpreting it, you feel that he is only capable of posting good numbers at AT&T. My point was that regardless of who or where he is traded (if he's traded), he's shown that in places he pitches relatively frequently (Dodger Stadium, PETCO, Chase Field) he can be effective. The hard contact and walks were scary, but missing spots is generally a good indicator that a pitcher doesn't have a good feel for his pitches; usually a side effect of rust because of an injury. Probably even more true for a guy as methodical as MadBum.
  2. Madison Bumgarner 2019 Outlook

    Rotochamp has his fastball velo at 90.9, which is the same as it was in 2012. Like you touched on, he's never been a high velo guy so this doesn't have the same factors as a Felix Hernandez situation. As far as the road ERA goes, if you take a deeper dive and look into places that he's pitching more than just one or two times every 3 years in (Dodger Stadium, PETCO, Chase Field), his ERA is much more respectable. I'm not refuting that his '17 and '18 stats weren't bad, because they definitely were. But this looks like a strong case of recency-bias.
  3. I'm a little befuddled with the projections on MadBum this year. Steamer has him coming in just out of the top 25 (#26) in SP rankings, and ESPN is projecting him as the 36th overall SP in my points league. The guy is still only 29 years old, and while he does have a fair amount of innings on his arm, I think people are selling him short because of a pair of freak injuries over the last two years. His K numbers have been slightly down, and he needs to get his control back, but I don't think it's out of the question to expect top 10-15 SP contributions out of him. ESPN has his current ADP at 86 amongst guys like David Price, Jameson Taillon, and Foltynewicz. I'll be buying at that price. I'll Project: 190 IP, 3.2 ERA, 1.2 WHIP, 180 K. Wins could be somewhat difficult to come by, but should be fine in QS.
  4. Keeper Help *WHIR

    Throwing him back would allow me to keep another player (Urias, Darvish, Rosario), still own Bryant (#2 pick) and get the #6 player in the draft.
  5. Keeper Help

    I'll follow HOOTIE's lead and cut these 7: Perez Inciarte Cespedes Newcomb Lopez Wacha Ohtani With both of your UT spots full, you're unlikely to get anything at all out of Ohtani this year, and we're not even sure at what capacity he'll pitch or what he'll look like post TJ. With your prospects I keep: Sanchez Cease Paddack Hayes Robles
  6. Keeper Help *WHIR

    It's tough to say. He's desperate for pitching, and Zack Greinke is likely the best pitcher available. That being said, KB would likely be the highest ceiling position player available (other options would be Starling Marte, Edwin Encarnacion, Whit Merrifield, Jose Abreu).
  7. Keeper Help *WHIR

    Nothing close to Bryant's caliber for sure. However, the team picking ahead of my #2 pick is in dire need of pitching and unlikely to pick Bryant. In theory, I could throw Bryant back to open up my #6 pick, pick him at #2, and then keep Darvish and Urias. Do you view Keuchel as an option if Darvish is still unhealthy come Spring Training? I'm real conflicted on the guy.
  8. Machado trade - WHIR

    I'm usually one to take proven studs over touted prospects, but from what we've seen up to now Vlad Jr is an outlier. And as you mentioned previously, having that #1 pick acting as a 6th keeper is a great tool. With there only being 5 keepers per team, it's likely you'll be able to net someone comparable to Manny with that #9 pick. Not quite Manny-esque, but close.
  9. It never hurts to look. If the right deal came along, I would strongly consider moving Verlander. He's looked great the past two years, but that aging curve tends to speed up rather quickly after age 35 (he'll be 36 when season starts). If nothing comes around that you like, there are worse options out there, but I'd definitely be looking.
  10. Trade for Trout? WHIR

    I'd stay put. Trout's a stud, but the value you're giving up more than outweighs his stud-liness. On top of that, I'm not a big Muncy believer, he's replacement level at a deep 3B position. I think you're better off where you're at.
  11. L Cain or T Pham in a keeper?

    It's Cain for me. Milwaukee's lineup is pretty stout, and their park is hitter friendly. Pham has the eye issues and was rather injury prone in St. Louis.
  12. Another early look at keepers, WHIR

    This. 1000x this.
  13. I lean towards Eloy rather heavily here. His bat will play for the next ten plus years, and I'm not sold that Corbin's 2018 wasn't a mirage. Help?
  14. Keeper Help *WHIR

    12 team H2H Points league with 8 keepers tied to original drafted value and 9 starts a week. Positions are as follows: C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF OF UT and 9 open pitching slots. Pitching is extremely sought after (as in most any points league) and I'm having a little trouble deciding on my final few keeper spots. Bolded are the shoe-ins as of now. I do own the 2nd overall pick in the draft and could potentially own the 6th overall pick if Kris Bryant is not kept. I've narrowed the list to the guys below (shown with keeper value). Francisco Lindor 7th Round Christian Yelich 8th Round Kris Bryant 2nd Round James Paxton 9th Round Jacob deGrom 3rd Round Trevor Bauer 21st Round Stephen Strasburg 4th Round Dallas Keuchel 5th Round Yu Darvish 10th Round Julio Urias 30th round Eddie Rosario 5th round Hyun-Jin Ryu 30th Round With 96 players already off the board, the first overall pick is likely to be Zack Greinke, Edwin Encarnacion, Starling Marte, or someone of similar talent. Any help is greatly appreciated and I WHIR. Thanks
  15. Which WR Do I Start? WHIR!!

    Much like the crowd, I'd go with Sanders. I just need to see a little more before I fully trust Alshon.