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  1. Interested in the second team.
  2. If the OFer is Winker or Buxton, I'm not opposed to #3. That being said, upper tier relievers are absolute money in these points leagues and for everything MadBum doesn't do, he's pretty much a lock to go out there and give you 6 innings every fifth day. I think both are selling a little low on Nola, but if you think he's a different pitcher than he was last year I don't see an issue with either one of them. Thanks for mine!
  3. I actually like the value there a lot. You've got a few guys coming off the IL in the coming weeks that will stabilize the rest of your lineup. I have no issues with it.
  4. I would drop Marwin for him. Hiura has the possibility to be a complete stud, which Marwin will never be. Upside is too good to pass up IMO.
  5. I think the value is right. Your bench is deep enough to withstand it and Bum would be a solid number 4 or 5 for you. I'd pull the trigger.
  6. Much like the rest of the crowd, I'd scoop him up. He's been on a tear this month and as deep as your league is, you'll probably be hard-pressed to find someone with his multi position eligibility and somewhat high ceiling. Thanks for mine!
  7. Keeper league trade here. I'm worried with Bauer's recent struggles with command and extremely high pitch counts. Keeper value is tied to round. Any help is much appreciated! Drop yours in the comments and I'll be sure to return the favor. Thanks! I give: Trevor Bauer - 10th Round I get: Jack Flaherty - 15th Round Juan Soto - 15th Round
  8. Arguably the best starting pitching in our league, but this week all of my set and forget guys have been completely wrecked. deGrom: -11 Strasburg: -7 Bauer: 0 Paxton: -9 Bumgarner: 6 My high point man this week is none other than...........Trevor Richards. Ridiculous
  9. Much like the rest, it's Freeman, Story, Paxton.
  10. Hand is a near lock for 100ks out of that reliever spot, which is hard to find. That, along with the departure of Allen puts him in prime position to finish as a top 5 closer. It's Hand, and not super close for me. Good luck!
  11. I lean towards Turner here, for the sole purpose of steals. With Lindor's calf, he MAY be less likely to run when he gets back, and TT will also contribute (at least modestly) in every other category. After him, I go Machado then Altuve. Good luck!
  12. Current keepers are listed in my signature along with my current farm team. I was offered a 14th round Daniel Murphy for Keston Hiura. NOTE: Prospects are considered 30th round keepers when promoted to MLB roster. Keeper values decrease by 50% each year a player is kept. (Murphy's current keeper value is 14, next year it will be 7, the year after that 3.5, and so on.) A lot to take in, but any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. I think your first 7 are good. For me, it would depend on how willing you are to lock up your UT spot. I usually like to have the flexibility of keeping mine open, but if you're fine without it, then Ohtani. If not, I like Grandal with those HRs in the 7th.
  14. The way I'm interpreting it, you feel that he is only capable of posting good numbers at AT&T. My point was that regardless of who or where he is traded (if he's traded), he's shown that in places he pitches relatively frequently (Dodger Stadium, PETCO, Chase Field) he can be effective. The hard contact and walks were scary, but missing spots is generally a good indicator that a pitcher doesn't have a good feel for his pitches; usually a side effect of rust because of an injury. Probably even more true for a guy as methodical as MadBum.