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  1. I think Carpenter started off slow last year too. It might not be that for him to turn up the gas for 1B issues
  2. Welp Carrasco just collided with someone so I may have to be more careful about trading away pitching depth atm...
  3. As it stands now if no trades are made I’ll probably drop Martinez (injury + bullpen woes) and not sure who yet when Turner comes back. Probably between Polanco or a pitcher. I was thinking trading off some of my pitching depth to the guy dead last in pitching. He also has Kershaw so Stripling could act as his backup. Top 3 players of his that interest me are Charlie Blackmon: I’d at least have to use Mancini + pitching I think. Chris Sale: Not sure how high up my pitching chain I would have to go for him. I have pitching depth to wait for Sale to improve. Yasmani Grandal: Ramos + pitching. He also has Yelich but I don’t see that one happening with out spending too much. sorry about font size when I copy from my phones notes it seems to be huge for some reason.
  4. It sounds like they’re both going to be bouncing back and forth between rotation and their bullpens. I’m going to have roster crunch soon with Trea Turner and Carlos Martinez coming back soon with in a couple weeks.
  5. what does the weekly high points payout mean if you go over certain fantasy points there's a penalty? I would probably go with Mchugh as well.
  6. 2 starts: Jake Arrieta vs (Richards-Home, Matz-Away) <-- Seems like decent match ups to me 2 starts: Carlos Carrasco vs (Pablo Lopez-Home, Miley-Away)<-- Ditto above besides facing Astros away 2 starts: Brad Keller vs (Matt Harvey-Home, TBA-Away)<-- Not bad matchup but no room to do three 2-start pitchers next week 1 start: Gerrit Cole vs (Kluber-Home) <-- at home but is vs Kluber 1 start: Luis Castillo vs (Mikolas-Away)<-- Red Hot start but if he were to have a hiccup this feels like a candidate for that, but I really can't see sitting him yet. 1 start: James Taillon vs (Greinke-Home)<-- I think starting to turn it on but is against Greinke 1 start: Walker Buehler vs (Hamels- Away) 1 start: Chris Archer vs (Ryu-Away) Ross Stripling has a start (vs Hendricks) also but likely not in the running, Zach Davies has 2 starts also but his 2nd start is next Sunday he'd be my back up in case someone loses a start to something (we're allowed 1 start replacement a week in case of injury or ran out,etc.) My instincts Say Arrieta- 2 starts, Carrasco- 2 starts, Cole, Castillo, then a dogfight between Taillon or Buehler or Archer. for the last start. Davies as the back up fill in start Is that correct?
  7. I'm venting at myself for not trusting my instincts. Was going to use Mancini + some pitchers to go after Blackmon and possibly Sale while they're still low. Because the guy who has both is basically dead last in pitching and I need to make roster space anyhow before May hits for people coming DL. But now Blackmon is going off probably less likely I can get a deal done. Like I had Soroka but had to drop him b/c I just don't have room for him...plus I had 2 ppl coming of DL in early May.
  8. I'd probably do Jr and Machado as well. For the simple fact that Machado on a similar level as Correa but can go 3B as well if need be.
  9. I have both and had Haniger last season too. Haniger is in my starting lineup every week, Mazara not so much.... I still think Mazara has potential but it may take time to crack it.
  10. Cole Tucker 1-3 HR, 2 RBI, R. Man is this the year of the shortstops? Seems to be a smorgasbord of options at SS this year.
  11. I would at least pick up Freeland & Minor. Possibly Davies. I’d also consider Winker as a drop candidate. Nothing against the guy but I’m not seeing the fascination fantasy-wise. I get he’s 26, about to hit his prime, and could easily rock it out. But in both my league I see like 20 Winker options in FA. I mean Teoscar is currently beating him in both my leagues and he no longer gets the fantasy attention. In your lineup unless Winker really heats it up... for OF’s I would go Blackmon/Hoskins/Pham/Pollock/Diaz to 1B, Whit to OF before using Winker.
  12. Yeah if you can only get Votto out if him, may as well hold tight to see if Degrom makes it back alright first.
  13. Another team has both Blackmon & Sale who are underperforming. I wonder if it would be worth trying to package a trade offer for them like Mancini and a couple pitchers. I may have the pitching depth to pull it off.
  14. You have plenty of OF (and 1B too) especially with Stanton coming back soon you could try packaging an OF+Posey for an upgrade higher than Ramos/Posey