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  1. Lol. If he leaves, he's a snake, traitor, ring-chaser, etc. If he stays, he's 'soft'.
  2. If he's not injured, he's not going to be 'shut down'. I don't know where some people get this notion that any good player on a non-playoff team just gets told to go home after a certain point of the season. We literally just saw with the AD saga how the league feels about healthy players being held out.
  3. Another this guy a drop? Was kinda hoping a home matchup against Detroit would get him going but I guess not
  4. What do we think happens with this guy once LeVert comes back? I was originally going to sell but he seems to have hit his stride lately and I feel it's pretty likely LeVert is on a minutes restriction for a little while at least.
  5. What a soft beta bum Jimmy was right all along amirite guys
  6. But the internet doctors/lip-readers told me a pop means a complete tear!
  7. He's been pretty underwhelming but my team has been winning anyway so I'm going to keep holding for now.
  8. Very solid line. Feeling pretty good about grabbing him off the wire.
  9. I'm not buying it either. He spent two weeks going to different specialists and doctors until he found one that told him what he wanted. The general reaction across social media of "shame on everyone that made fun of him" is astounding to me. The guy was supposedly physically fine earlier in the season yet now that his agent has magically produced this diagnosis out of nowhere to save face we're all just rolling with it?