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  1. Did Chris Sale just have an immaculate inning in the 7th?
  2. Does any other pitcher that hit get offensive stats? No.
  3. Choo was pretty solid last year too. He was 106 on Yahoo last year. He just has no name recognition.
  4. Seeing that Yahoo doesn't have a way to view all the players without separating them into batters and pitchers, it might be just a poorly designed "feature" that they're choosing not to overhaul for one player. They probably just have two separate databases for pitchers and batters instead of one database so swapping him from pitching to batting on our side might not be capable on their side.
  5. 2 innings were because the Detroit hitters getting into a good battle with him. 2 innings went longer after some borderline calls that went against him, but him and Boyd were getting squeezed on those. One inning was just Sale being Sale.
  6. Both Sale and Boyd seem to be kinda getting squeezed, but Boyd is getting away with it since the Red Sox are swinging at so many first pitches.
  7. Before everyone comes in here panicking. Before he gave up the runs, he should've ended the inning with a K but the first pitch was called a ball due to Sandy not really framing it well. The ball wasn't even a borderline call. There were other pitches that got squeezed because Sandy wasn't really framing well today. Add to the fact that Nunes screwed up a defensive play that was basically an everyday play. Those two things led to an extended outing for Sale and causing him to rack up his pitch count. At this point, I don't think it's a Sale thing. It's a Red Sox thing.
  8. The whole Rockies lineup is just straight up cold af.
  9. I'm excited about him, but I still don't trust his control. Hasn't his gripe always been that his control was lacking? Adding more velo would indicate that he's sacrificing even more control.
  10. His post game is still questionable for the moment. He's strong enough to back down, but he ends up getting into bad situations and going for awkward layups. Not sure if its explosiveness or he's just not at game speed yet. He gets a lot of assist opportunities with the dribble handoffs he does. In terms of just averages right now, in terms of season average he's ranked 49th on Yahoo. I'd just interpret it however way you want to. I'd say his floor is probably top 55-60 for the season. Some people might disagree with me but I don't necessarily see why he can't be a top 30 player ROS with more minutes. Just for the season BroLo is ranked 37(avg) on Yahoo and 31 for season (bballmonster). I think he ends up around 25-30 later towards the season especially with how many touches he gets. Warriors have never played with a dominant big man either so he might get more touches to see how he fits in the system too.
  11. Man I'd love to see him work off the ball a lot more esp with Rubio and Ingles on the floor. The offense seems to just stagnate the moment he gets the ball and ends up forcing shots. If he was more willing to run around off ball, Rubio could find him easily. Kinda disappointed.
  12. How do people feel about GSW 5 game week on week 23? They only have 2 games week 22 too so is everyone else pretty much trying to sell them before trade deadline?