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  1. Agreed. Hes a perfect backend starter for this year with a decent amount of upside. I think if they adjust his pitch sequencing hell improve too. [...]
  2. Because players don't use minor leagues/spring training to work on specific things rather than getting the best line possible? You sound like those Ohtani haters last year after spring training calling him a bust way too early. But i mean MLB coaching staffs and data analysts clearly don't know as much as fantasy baseball managers. If you actually followed Cease too then youd acknowledge that he was obviously on adrenaline. His fast ball was faster than his minor league fast balls. For someone who follows him you sure are missing some important points.
  3. I'd agree that he is unpolished but he really gives me Bieber vibes from last year. Both need to get settled in or they're gonna get screwed by how many strikes they throw. Having had Bieber and seen him all last year, idk feel inclined to give Plesac a longer leash.
  4. Either way youre judging his prospects off of one god damn outing. Even Snell got ****** by the Tigers. If you're going to judge a guys season off of the bad things you saw without acknowledging that his plus stuff is still legit. Literally one performance. Its the dudes biggest moment of his life. Lmao. People aren't saying that hes a stud for sure, but one showing isnt enough to say hes as useless this season as youre saying. I take it you're one of those people that gave up on Sale after his first performance?
  5. Why are people who didn't even bother watching the game commenting on how he did overall? Lmao. Yeah his final line is shot but it doesn't tell whole story. If the only thing I need to worry about is someone's fastball command because the guy has 3 plus secondary pitches, I'm more than willing to take the walks.
  6. If you don't watch the actual game how can you judge how well someone did. Player lines dont tell the whole story. Smdh
  7. I find it amusing that he says please let me into your league with that roster in his signature in a 10 team.
  8. After the first, he went 4 IP, 6 Ks, 1 ER, 1 BB and 3 hits.
  9. Out of the rookies that's debuted recently, his secondary pitches look the nastiest. His FB not really there, but I'd rather see at least 1 more game before I judge any of his stuff.
  10. Geez so much salt and negativity here from people regarding a rookie's debut performance.
  11. I wanna hate this guy but his curve is nasty
  12. I'd actually say Gallen got lucky. Gallen got hit really hard today and the Nats batters made pretty good contact
  13. Nice to see Mondesi return with a HR
  14. The only issue concerning Ohtani's value is dependent on how the Angels handle his playing time next year. If he's a two way player, do they give up the DH and let him hit in games he pitches in? Does he bat every day he's not pitching or does he take a rest before and after games he pitches in? Do they stretch out his starts instead? In Japan, he pretty much played everyday he could and he seemed fine, but the Angels want to protect him as much as possible. I think in leagues where he's a combined player, he holds his value pretty high as a top 30, but in Yahoo leagues, his batting might become unrosterable in weekly leagues.
  15. You watching the game too? I can't seem to tell what was going on with Sale's slider today. His delivery seemed fine but the breaks were off. You notice anything?
  16. At least Sale settled in and racked up 10 Ks
  17. Thanks Chavis for making Sale's outing even worse.
  18. Looks like we'll me lucky to have him back by the end of July. Is the back issue historically an issue for pitchers?
  19. He reminds me of Shane Bieber last year, but he can actually get out of trouble. I remember the only way Bieber could reset was getting a HR blasted to clear the bases.
  20. Got out of it pretty well though.
  21. Jesus Christ, I might be a little conservative on my projections since I don't think he's this years Acuna or Soto, or even has the same floor as them, but the recency bias in this thread is overwhelming. Before he went on his hot streak he was looking like a poor mans Hoskin's without the walks, and looked like he would stabilize being a 50-65ish player. 100% more upside than Freeman? Freeman's upside the past couple years has been a 1st round player, especially in OBP leagues. He's just had minor injury troubles that kept him away from performing consistently throughout the season. Alonso's upside IS Freeman without the walks
  22. With his HR today, I think he ties Bellingers record at 25. Think he beats it.