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  1. I just tuned in to that last inning thanks T mobile .. Wow his curve ball was dirty hitters were looking foolish and that fastball sitting at 97 reaching 100 just some nasty stuff that inning by Wheeler.
  2. It really wasn’t that bad Franmil should of caught that and that would of been 7IN 3er bad yea not great.
  3. He has been raking for me the last couple weeks been clutch since Dahl and Hicks have been on IL.He could go 15 /15 or 20/20 he’s shown he can hit so far and get on base.My bad I forgot he’s playing right now .
  4. I love Bauer he was mad at himself coming off the mound after the inning cursing for giving up another walk.
  5. He is he looked great today was in a groove when they took him out. He would of stayed in for the 6th if the Padres didn’t have a scoring opportunity .He actually threw a curve or breaking ball a couple times today.
  6. Yea I know wow just great hopefully they score. My boi needs to go 2-0.
  7. I though it was gone I jumped up ahaha
  8. Nice play by Hunter... Ray needs to start walking people he’s only at 46 pitches Padres are swinging at so many first pitches.
  9. It’ll be interesting to see how long they leave him in . As I’m talking he gives up a double.
  10. We watching the same game here ? He’s had a couple hits off him but now his in a groove.
  11. The Legend continues rbi single he’s 4-5 on the year can they play him everyday already.
  12. Thanks again Dodgers bullpen that’s 2 wins you have blown for me now y’all suck especially Kelly.
  13. Good job LAD Bullpen way to blow it for Stripling.