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  1. Yea bruh Raiders play Packers this week I hope he logs a couple practices this week. He sat out Monday I don’t know bout today’s practice.
  2. Just traded away Carson for T.Hill 12 team .5 Ppr
  3. Thanks good looks trying to repeat in this ultra competitive league.
  4. I give Carson I get T . Hill I also have Mahomes for the stack . But my RB 2 would be Singletary, ap/guice , Burkhead.
  5. Thank you I believe in Gant especially if you have seen him pitch this year his stuff is better than Martinez.Hes become a different pitcher this year as a reliever.
  6. Exactly I was thinking the same thing with Giles I cringed as well not good if its his elbow but than I read it should only be 10 days, you really never know with elbows I just traded for him too.I personally wouldnt roster anybody else In that bullpen.
  7. I cant believe he gave up home run to pablo the fat panda.Wheeler serves up way too many pitches down the plate
  8. Im really hoping for this as well could be a league winner if he closes again.
  9. I’m I the only one that thinks Gant would be the better fantasy closer over C-Mart if he got the job from Hicks. Gant looks like he has the better stuff currently just filthy when I watched him the other day .
  10. Yoo thank you I don’t get all the hate either second year in the league a late draft pick in drafts has potential I don’t know how some of your guys comments didn’t get erased .
  11. I swear some of y’all love to hate bro this is his second year in the big leagues he was the quickest person in his draft class to get the call last year.He threw 6in 3ER 11k today he’s not gonna be a fantasy ace but he’s solid with room to improve. O and you spelled his name wrong Lucchesi.
  12. Same here I got lucky someone dropped him about a month ago he’s been on a tear ever since he’s been on my team. Pick up of the year he’s figured it out .
  13. I definitely am I think he’ll bounce back tonight. He should get some run support as well.
  14. I just tuned in to that last inning thanks T mobile .. Wow his curve ball was dirty hitters were looking foolish and that fastball sitting at 97 reaching 100 just some nasty stuff that inning by Wheeler.
  15. It really wasn’t that bad Franmil should of caught that and that would of been 7IN 3er bad yea not great.