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  1. Rams are trash. Saints would of been a better match up
  2. no, he gets bonuses and has a share in their medical center. Maybe you should look into it
  3. You realize Brady has never really taken a pay cut? Its paid in bonuses and other s---
  4. Peyton took numerous paycuts in order to surround himself with more talent. You can’t seriously sit here and tell me a player of his caliber didn’t deserve MUCH more than what he made yearly. And the fact that you said anything about him having an ego is absurd. Literally one of the most humble, generous and hard working people to ever play in the nfl. All this post says is that you’re a hater.
  5. Well he sucks too. You left that part alone. And what does skin color matter anyway?
  6. Colin Kaepernick 2016: 196 CMP / 331 ATT / 2,241 YDS / 16 TD / 4 INT / 90.7 RATING Tom Brady in his 9 Conference Championship Game wins: 203 CMP / 306 ATT / 2,255 YDS / 14 TD / 9 INT / 91.1 RATING Interesting..
  7. True, but hopefully this gives him another reason to prove he is a legit RB1
  8. I think Tom Brady is absolutely amazing. I love to watch him play and if I needed one quarterback for one game it would be either him or John Elway. Hearing him try to portray the Patriots as underdogs or unwanted, well that comes up a little short with me. He's back for a 9th time and that's all I need to be impressed and to pay attention. One QB, 9 Super Bowls!!! Incredible!!!
  9. They invested alot of picks/$ on o-line. Spain needs to be waived. They need an earlier pick on a G
  10. I believe their a defensive player away from being elite. If they can hit on another player like Landry last they did last year, than look out.
  11. I don’t like the Rams or the Saints but I Stole this from a comment I saw lots of valid points: