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  1. 306 yards. Quietly had himself a solid game. He just needs to stop fumbling.
  2.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1027369502579687424& I wanna see something like this from Tannehill
  3. In defense to Tannehill. He really never had a talented roster in Miami. He, however does have it in Tennessee. Alot of options to choose from. The biggest concern is the oline. Can they hold up and keep him right.
  4. I havent watched much tannehill, but Miami roster was pretty bad when he was there as a starter, I could probably name one or two decent WRs in Miami that were good targets for Tannehill. He has alot here in TN. Oline has been awful this year though.
  5. I agree to a point. But..... Tannehill can actually complete bubble screen passes, unlike Marcus Marifloata. I think hes an instant upgrade at the position.
  6. Mariflota is done in Tennessee. Thoughts on his season moving forward? He has alot of weapons, including a very talented rookie in AJ. Lets not forget Walker, Davis and Henry.
  7. Just watched the replay of the GB/Det ending. Refs are literally changing game outcomes. A weak NFL apology won’t cut it.
  8. Henry is basically a better version of Blount, hard to hear for some people but it’s the truth. I don’t think he is someone you can build a backfield around.
  9. I've always believed a RB needs to be able to create his own yards. Henry is stuck in a small space with a high center of gravity. Thats a bad combination. He needs space to operate. If Henry wants success in Tennessee they'll need to stretch the defense meaning theyll have to have a good passing game, and not run up the middle.
  10. It's so funny watching Rodgers' facial expressions when his WRs drop passes
  11. He's great when he has one or fewer guys to beat. Let him run in a straight line towards the end zone like he did in Cleveland and he's great. What NFL RB can't do those things?
  12. I like Kupp but you’re on crack if you think he is the best WR right now
  13. Yeah I dont get that "Goff sucks" statement at all. He might not be a top 5 QB real life QB but he is far from the worst. You could do a hell alot worst than Goff in your team. Theres plenty of other teams with awful QB play.
  14. Titans oline has been a** so far. They are obviously missing their best LT and their thin at the RG position.
  15. Ive seen it alot. The guy has no zip in his ball... it seems like the ball always floats...