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  1. Trade for Altuve? (WHIR!)

    Yea I think that’s a fair offer...
  2. Is Pham droppable?

    Yea I passed on Aguilar thinking he was a platoon guy and wouldn’t keep those numbers up once put into a full time role I did hav Jose Martinez but I used him in a trade to acquire Trevor Bauer...
  3. Is Pham droppable?

    Yea his is but he’s still a platoon guy...
  4. Alonso, Smoak, or Moreland ROS??

    Thanks guys!
  5. Is Pham droppable?

    Thanks guys!
  6. Drop Freddy Peralta?

    Ok thanks for ur input.
  7. Drop Freddy Peralta?

  8. Drop Freddy Peralta?

    Ok thanks a lot great commentary!
  9. Is Pham droppable?

    Great insight!!! Thanks!
  10. Alonso, Smoak, or Moreland ROS??

    Ok thanks for ur input much appreciated!
  11. Drop Freddy Peralta?

    I’m in a 10 team redraft league and hav Freddy peralta I’m wondering if I should drop him for the likes of guys like Schoop smoak or schebler all available in my league off the wire...I’m loaded at Of currently wit Pham Marte jd Martinez Soto Cain and Mazara and also hav dj LeMahieu Eduardo Escobar at 2b and Moreland and Desmond at 1b and my pitchers r Severino Corbin bauer eflin and peralta...
  12. Is Pham droppable?

    Pham rides the pine on my team my other OF’s r Mazara, Marte, Cain, JD Martinez, and Soto
  13. Is Pham droppable?

    I’m in a 10 team redraft league and hav Pham he’s been Awful this year and battling lil stupid injuries is he droppable at this point? There’s guys like schebler winker and Schoop all available off the wire even pitchers like eovoldi, Marco Gonzalez, and closers like romo, Soria, wil Smith, and Osuna...
  14. I am in a 10 team redraft league and currently hav Moreland and Desmond as my first basemen...Alonso and smoak r available off the wire...I was wondering if anyone thought it b better to drop one of the guys I have for either Alonso or smoak?
  15. Are you sold on Schoop?

    Bump please