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  1. Playoff week I need an extra starter thinking of either Matz or Junis can u guys help me make my decision and weigh in with ur opinions...thanks!
  2. Should I drop Berrios for Rodon?

    Trade deadline passed already
  3. Taylor Ward or Danny Jansen?

    I posted it earlier in the thread
  4. Thanks guys it’s unanimous I actually dropped Berrios for Rodon and dropped Schoop for chacin
  5. It’s a standard league no keepers...
  6. Taylor Ward or Danny Jansen?

    Yea it’s jus for this year...
  7. Taylor Ward or Danny Jansen?

    I hav Contreras as my catcher now...also hav Mazara soon to b off the dL Pham soon to b off dL eloy Jimenez stashed Jd Martinez starling Marte Lorenzo Cain Joey gallo Lourdes Gurriel on dL trea turner Eduardo Escobar dj lemahieu Ryan Zimmerman Justin smoak and Eugenio Suarez
  8. I want to add one of these prospects to my roster to hav depth at catcher plus they are both pretty highly regarded prospects with real good minors numbers but I don’t kno which one and who to drop...should I drop schoop, Pham, smoak, Ryan Zimmerman, dj lemahieu or gallo?
  9. Adames or Diaz @ SS ROS?

    And he’s heating up now
  10. Drop Alonso

    None u listed are first basemen tho...who currently is at SS and 2nd base for u?
  11. I jus lost Bauer to the dL and I hav both Severino and Berrios both struggling I need to add a pitcher for the stretch run here are my options... edwin jackson mike fiers Carlos rodon Ryu anibel Sanchez marco Gonzalez chacin
  12. Now is Pham droppable??

    Yea Mayb the change in scenery will help?
  13. Now is Pham droppable??

    Agreed thanks!
  14. I have 5 weeks till my playoffs start have only 11 moves I can make left for the season including playoffs I’m currently sitting in first place by 1 game and am in a 10 team redraft league...I’ve been holding onto Pham all year long and besides getting hot for a few games two weeks ago and the very beginning of the season he’s been a huge disappointment to say the least...with guys on the wire like conforto, Chapman, Alonso, Olson, Nick Williams, Nunez, Sano, kinsler, pujols, Souza, Munoz, bird, fletcher and arms like Rodon, d.rodriguez, Giles, strop, gray, minter, wheeler, will smith, Lynn, Ryu...and here’s my current roster...contreras, Desmond, smoak, dj lemahieu(dL), Schoop, Lourdes gurriel, Eduardo Escobar, Suarez, trea Turner, Pham, Cain, Soto, starling Marte, jd martinez, Mazara(dl)...pitchers...Severino, Bauer, Corbin, Berrios, Eovoldi, freddy peralta(I will drop him when I hav to activate dj or Maz), barraclough, Rondon, betances, Osuna, Bradley, and Diaz...my league counts holds as a scoring category and the 2nd place team currently rosters 6 holds pitchers...