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  1. New Devy League

    We have one last opening left!
  2. New Devy League

    We have five openings left. Email me if interested they are filling up fast with good group of owners.
  3. New Devy League

    Hey Guys hope everyone had a great year! I am starting a new 12 team ppr devy league. I've been looking for a devy league for a couple years now but haven't found anything so I decided screw it I'm going to make my own. Hope this interests you guys. The rosters will be 32 in off season and 28 in-season. Starting Lineup: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 RB/WR/TE 1 QB/RB/WR/TE (Superflex) There will be a $40 entry fee each year. The first year the league dues will be $80 to cover two years. Seasonal Payout Champion: $250Runner-Up: $100Third Place: $40Survivor Pool: $20League MVP (player with highest overall scoring, weeks 1-13): $20League ROTY (rookie with highest overall scoring, weeks 1-13): $20 This is to reward devys!The league will hold a 32 round start-up draft. The draft will include all eligible players and 2019 Rookies. Devy Draft of College players: The 1st year draft will be 10 rounds!!!! 2020 and on there will be 5 rounds of devy picksI will will keep a Google Docs spreadsheet of each teams Devy roster. Devys will be allowed to be traded along with devy draft picks! This is a super deep devy league and may not be for everyone. We will be using group-me and league-safe. I want this to be a long standing league with low turnover especially because of the deep devys we have. I am including the MFL website and you can look at the By-Laws on there. If interested email me @ kcoleman@losbanosusd.net or DM me on here. Lets start getting ready for next year!!!!!!!!!!https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/53101#0
  4. Hey everyone after years of going through league after league and people dropping out I've decided to make my own league. I wanted to change a few things up and make it a different league. You must have a GroupMe account. This is non-negotiable. I have found that GroupMe helps with keeping dynasties going and for trades. This is a Leaguesafe league. Looking for quality owners who know how to manage a team and want to be in this for the long haul. I will give the details below. If you are interested please email me at kcoleman@losbanosusd.net with a brief description of how long you've played fantasy and if you have done a keeper league. Below are the details: We will be using MyFantasyLeague.com The entry fee is $100. The payouts will be: 1st Place $600/2nd Place $300/3rd Place $100. The remaining money goes to paying for the MFL site. Any other money will be put in pot. Lineup Can include will be: Min-Max 1-2 QB 1-3 RB 2-5 WR TEAM TIGHT END 1-1 (Really like this feature. TE is a lost cause in fantasy but instead of flexing it or penalizing lower picks we will use this) 1 Kicker 1 DEF Total Starters is 9 Scoring will be PPR. Roster size will be 28 with 4 keepers. Draft picks will be allowed to be traded for up to one year but if you trade a 1st round pick you will need to pay $100 to ensure you will be responsible for next year. $50 for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Draft will be random snake order. There will be no divisions. Everyone plays each other once. Draft will be an email/slash pick draft that will be long running 8 Hour per pick. Draft will be held when everyone pays. Playoffs- EVERYONE makes the playoffs starting in week 13. Top four seeds get a bye. This I feel is a way to keep everyone involved till the end. Any other questions feel free to contact me.