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  2. Hey everyone after years of going through league after league and people dropping out I've decided to make my own league. I wanted to change a few things up and make it a different league. You must have a GroupMe account. This is non-negotiable. I have found that GroupMe helps with keeping dynasties going and for trades. This is a Leaguesafe league. Looking for quality owners who know how to manage a team and want to be in this for the long haul. I will give the details below. If you are interested please email me at kcoleman@losbanosusd.net with a brief description of how long you've played fantasy and if you have done a keeper league. Below are the details: We will be using MyFantasyLeague.com The entry fee is $100. The payouts will be: 1st Place $600/2nd Place $300/3rd Place $100. The remaining money goes to paying for the MFL site. Any other money will be put in pot. Lineup Can include will be: Min-Max 1-2 QB 1-3 RB 2-5 WR TEAM TIGHT END 1-1 (Really like this feature. TE is a lost cause in fantasy but instead of flexing it or penalizing lower picks we will use this) 1 Kicker 1 DEF Total Starters is 9 Scoring will be PPR. Roster size will be 28 with 4 keepers. Draft picks will be allowed to be traded for up to one year but if you trade a 1st round pick you will need to pay $100 to ensure you will be responsible for next year. $50 for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Draft will be random snake order. There will be no divisions. Everyone plays each other once. Draft will be an email/slash pick draft that will be long running 8 Hour per pick. Draft will be held when everyone pays. Playoffs- EVERYONE makes the playoffs starting in week 13. Top four seeds get a bye. This I feel is a way to keep everyone involved till the end. Any other questions feel free to contact me.