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  1. So Werder is lazy in his reporting and that makes me wrong? I cited the Spotrac numbers and laid the whole thing out. What didn’t you understand (serious question - not being snarky).
  2. I don’t think so. Just a very little bit of research at PFR is all it takes.
  3. But people are claiming Reid has never gone RBBC. He has - under unusual circumstances. This year may qualify as unusual for him. It certainly seems to be shaping up that way right now.
  4. That’s what he should have said. That is not what he did say, unintentionally I’m sure. Here’s Gurley’s contract: Note how it is broken out annually - it does not add up to ~$15M/yr every year. It is a $4.2/yr guaranteed each year ($21M paid up front but spread over 5 years [and a carry over last year from the previous signing bonus]), some large roster bonuses in 2020 and 2021 that also qualify as guaranteed money, and $950k annual salary last year, $5M annual salary this year, $5.5M annual salary next year, and $4M annual salary in 2021. Gurley pocketed about $22M last year ($21M guaranteed signing for the new extension and $950K salary). He’ll make $5M this year - annual salary only. He can make $13.1M next year with the roster bonus and $5M annual salary. He can make $9M the following year with the $5M roster bonus and $4M salary, and then there is an option year in 2022. See how that doesn’t add up to anything like $15M annual salary? That gets him his high guarantees but also protects the team in the event that he were not able to play after this year for some reason. That’s cap management.
  5. Okay, so apparently you don’t. The guaranteed money in a contract is independent of the annual salary. (4 yrs X $15m/yr) + $40M = $100M contract. QED
  6. Do you understand that you are talking about a 4 yr $100M contract?
  7. And in 2003 the 3 RBs were in the definition of a RBBC with each guy getting randomly spaced starts and weekly workload, making each of them unreliable in FF from week to week.
  8. Yes, he was. He was on IR for two years recovering from a torn patellar tendon in 2004 and 2005.
  9. Geez. Looks like I put a pin in this balloon. Sorry guys, that wasn’t the intent. The guy still has some huge potential. He’s just further away than he looked earlier and has some things he needs to fix to climb up to where he can be.
  10. For running? RB ave. yards before contact For passing? Percentage of hurries/QB hits/sacks yielded divided by number of pass plays.
  11. No? What do you think the odds are for hitting even one of the two remaining numbers? How about hitting both? Beside which - it’s just a hypothetical analogy and probably does not accurately reflect the odds of Thompson being a significant FF producer. Thompson’s realistic odds are probably a whole lot shorter.
  12. Depends upon your gambling mentality. Would you sell a lottery ticket for say 100X what you bought it for if they announced the first 4 of the 6 numbers and those numbers were on your ticket?
  13. The value of any position goes up when their scoring goes up. The differential between your baseline and your top players will by definition be larger, which increases the value of the top players at that position by default. However, it would be prudent not to place too much emphasis on this (assuming start 1 QB leagues). If the difference between your baseline and your tier 1 players is say 12 TDs - which may be overstating a bit, it may be more in the order of 6-8 TDs) that’s a difference of 1.5 FFPPG. That may move the needle, but likely not overly much.