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  1. I didn't hear that he'd be back this week. I said we'd be lucky if he was back this week.
  2. If we're lucky, but I'd think a rehab assignment is imminent. He looked good running on the field prior to yesterday's game.
  3. I was curious if this was going to happen. Bat has been excellent, but he made a couple of defensive miscues and ran into a 3rd out at 3rd base on a bad baserunning mistake last night. I'm not saying I'd have him on the bench, just to clarify. But I'm not surprised to see the Rockies put him there.
  4. Maybe. But man, Gleyber's day game splits coupled with his Baltimore splits make him a bit of a headscratcher to get a breather today.
  5. I've watched him play a decent amount. Seems to have pretty good plate discipline for a rookie. From what I've seen, he's patient early in counts. Plus, based purely on how he murders the ball when he barrels up or how he can simply flick a ball over the fence at times, his slumps won't be entirely fruitless. I do wonder how much his move in the order has affected how pitchers throw to him. He spent a heavy portion of the season in the 2-slot before being shifted back to clean up.
  6. Couldn't find an open discussion on Urshela, so I thought now would be a decent time to start one up. I don't know a ton on him, but it seems that he's drawing consistent starts at 3B and he's moved up to 3rd in the order for the past several games. The numbers speak for themselves - I'm sure we can expect some form of regression, but to what extent? Playing time could eventually become an issue with returning starters. With the Yankees opening a home series with Baltimore tonight and a weak MLB slate today, I'm streaming tonight to see what I can get.
  7. Two more K's in the 7th. 7 innings, 3 hits, 12 strikeouts. Huge!
  8. I didn't follow too closely early on, but that changeup was crazy effective late in the outing.