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  1. Hey bud I'm very interested in this league I'm an 8 year vet, of fantasy sports just looking for a new roto league
  2. Im looking for a NHL 10 to 12 team keeper/dynasty league, head to head preferably for around 50 to 150 dollar entry fee, serious player 8 years experience 2 titles in 4 years, very active. Wanting serious players and a long term league as im not looking to move leagues again, my old league had a few players that did not keep up with there teams and looking for competitive play. please contact me looking to be apart of a new league preferably or replace and fill al
  3. im interested please contact
  4. very interested active fantasy player 8 years experience 2 titles, looking to be apart of a long time active fantasy league, please contact me
  5. i am very intersted just need more info if you can contact me please
  6. hey im also interested just want some more details been a fantasy player for over 8 years please contact me
  7. im interested in this league i am a very serious fantasy player looking for a new home league, wonder league entry fee and some more details contact me please
  8. Fantrax 10-Team Dynasty accepting new GMs

    looking for a serious league, wonder how much is entry and league details interested in team 1 contact me please