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  1. im very interested is the any spots left and is it auction or snake draft
  2. Hey guys ive been playing and involved in fantasy Sports for 8 years now. I play both NHL and NFL fantasy, and looking to be apart of a new dynasty NHL league. Im very competitive with numerous championships and league finals, ive played keeper, dfs, seasonal and now looking for a new competitive, fun, long term, professional, active dynasty max 14 teams please contact me if interested thanks
  3. hey bud sent you an email the other day having issues it keeps rejecting my emails please contact me or
  4. Hey bud I'm very interested in this league I'm an 8 year vet, of fantasy sports just looking for a new roto league
  5. Im looking for a NHL 10 to 12 team keeper/dynasty league, head to head preferably for around 50 to 150 dollar entry fee, serious player 8 years experience 2 titles in 4 years, very active. Wanting serious players and a long term league as im not looking to move leagues again, my old league had a few players that did not keep up with there teams and looking for competitive play. please contact me looking to be apart of a new league preferably or replace and fill al
  6. very interested active fantasy player 8 years experience 2 titles, looking to be apart of a long time active fantasy league, please contact me
  7. hey im also interested just want some more details been a fantasy player for over 8 years please contact me
  8. im interested in this league i am a very serious fantasy player looking for a new home league, wonder league entry fee and some more details contact me please
  9. looking for a serious league, wonder how much is entry and league details interested in team 1 contact me please