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  1. Draft is August 29 at 7:30pm ET Starters are 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE FLEX(W/R/T) K DEF with 6 Bench spots Waivers resets every week to inverse standings Scoring is normal with Full PPR
  2. This is a PPR league on with 12 teams and 10 owners paid in full (money on leaguesafe with majority approval) If you want a spot must make payment upon entry to the league Draft is less than a week away If interested leave email and ill get back to you
  3. Still 1 spot left in both everyone has paid so far so next person that joins fills the league
  4. Both leagues are PPR and money held on leaguesafe Leagues held on One league is $100 entry(need 1 more owner)(draft is Aug30 8pm) Other league is $250 entry (need 2 more owners)(draft is Aug29 7:30 pm) if interested please leave your email and I’ll reply asap
  5. Just looking for one more owner to take over the final team. money is held on leaguesafe and payment should be made soon. If interested or want more details leave ur email and we’ll talk.
  6. I have 3 guys that said they will pay within next few days If you want a spot whats your email?
  7. This is a 12 man PPR league for $100 and the money is held on leaguesafe Payout is winner take all Will be done on draft is August 25 at 8pm ET payments must be made soon looking for a few more guys to fill out the league if interested leave your email and I’ll invite you
  8. I have a $250 entry PPR league with 12 teams and we need 4 more owners to fill it. Money is held on leaguesafe and it’s majority approval. If interested let me know
  9. Brand new 12 team PPR league being held on for $100 entry and the money is held on Leaguesafe Payout is Winner Take All, 8 teams make the playoffs, Draft order is randomized and released when all payments are made. If your interested in competing in this league leave your email and i will send the invite.
  10. Still need more owners for the $250 league and still one spot left in $100 league Leave email if you want a spot
  11. I run multiple leagues and doing it on one site is easier however I can make an ESPN league but I would need a Co-LM if you’re up for it I’ll set it up if not you are still welcome to join the league
  12. Sent the invite and leaguesafe link is on the home page
  13. I was going to make another $250 league when this one fills completely However I do have a $100 league that needs 1 more owner
  14. Looking for serious owners to join this high stakes league. All funds will be kept on leaguesafe and the league is on Please be ready to make your payment on leaguesafe upon entrance to the league Also have a $100 league with same settings that need just 1 owner to complete league If interested please leave your email and i will send you the invite