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  1. We are currently looking for owners to join our free H2H Points league on ESPN. It is a 12 team league and it is a redraft league. The settings are pretty straightforward but you can find them here It does have an abbreviated season as to not interfere with fantasy football season. If you are interested or have any questions, please reply with your email or message me and I can provide further information.
  2. I have created a discord server for users to post any DFS lineups/advice and for any sports handicapping picks. If you're interested in the joining the just click the link below.
  3. I would do that deal if you needed stats outside of points. But if you just want the scoring then keep Klay.
  4. I am being offered Anthony Davis for Lebron James, Khris Middleton, Julius Randle, 2019 1st, and 2019 2nd round picks. 10 team dynasty league, H2H points. I would be acquiring AD. Should I accept or am I giving up too many valuable assets for one player?