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  1. Siakam, big fan of what Lyles proved he could do with minutes last season. He's only an injury away and whether or not siakam can produce at all is a big ? in my eyes.
  2. wouldn't do it, big on allen and young has opportunity. laurie won't post much better than last season (which is good but i think near his ceiling if i'm being honest, bulls fan here but a realist) + he'll miss ~15 games + has to fight with lots of other talented bigs on the roster and scorers, but the bulls are for sure gonna push the pace this year and are coveted. not big on isaac or else i'd consider it.
  3. Jrue or Gordon. Jrue b/c asts are scarce
  4. Down to the nitty gritty in a 12-team, 25-round draft. I have 6 picks left, which cats do you see me as being weak in that I need to go after? Here's my team so far (in the order i selected them, if you're curious) Centers Forwards Guards I'm thinking I need assists & 3s mostly, but curious if others agree. We set lineups weekly and play 12 each week. No trades or pickups, who you draft is who you get.
  5. Lillard would only cost me a R3....
  6. Snuck into the playoffs last season, top 4 advance to playoffs.
  7. 9-Cat, H2H, 10 team, keep 4 A keeper costs the draft pick they were selected, but we currently have a whacky rule that if they were dropped at any point it's as if they were undrafted and they will cost you your last pick (round 13). If I keep multiple round 13's (which I will), they will cost 13 then 12 then 11, etc. Which 4? Aaron Gordon R6 Gary Harris R10 Will Barton R 13 John Collins R 13 Jarrett Allen R 13
  8. Punting FT% Capela, Mitchell & Klay if you're thinking long-term win. Paul, Capela, Mitchell if you're winning now. Not punting/Need to win FT% Mitchell, Klay, Paul
  9. I'd take the deal as is, but doesn't hurt to push for more.
  10. Yeah I"m gonna have to lean Harris here.
  11. I see it in your sig now.... duh. Still going to go with Kyrie & Wall.
  12. Where are you picking in next year's draft? Can you get close to or equal value for your top round guys? I'm new to keepers, but what makes sense to me is to keep value and draft the higher ADP players b/c they put up similar numbers. So, in that vein, I'd keep AG (100%, I'm keeping him with a 6th round cost), Harris (I'm keeping with a 13th round cost), and Richardson. They are going to absolutely crush those ADPs you have listed = 100% chance of being better than anyone available in that round.
  13. Context? I'm guessing keeper, what are the league settings? Wall & Kyrie are way more reliable in producing certain stats, but you might not be getting a lot of hits/comments b/c we're not sure if it's H2H, 9-cat vs. 8-cat, etc.