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  1. Might be interested, would it be possible to post a link to the league so we can get a better idea of the league
  2. Too much time commitment to draft 40 rds of guys since you may or may not even get a replacement level player in rounds 11-40 🤷‍♂️
  3. international scout for your fantasy baseball team 😂😂😂
  4. Hi, I am interested but would like to know more details about the league before joining. You can send more info to craigfantrax AT gmail DOT com
  5. Interested: I'd like to know a little more details about the league before committing for sure though.
  6. I might be interested, but can you post more info about the league? Like how deep are the rosters? Fantrax? Etc....
  7. I don't think people play dynasty with $ as the main motivation. They're paying for the ability to play in a competitive dynasty which is what the investment insures, because it weeds out the crappy owners. and it's not a complete waste bc there's a chance to earn it back.
  8. Could you provide more info? Literally every post on this site is a dynasty league with an opening (or two)... how many teams? Fantrax or espn? Roster size? Etc
  9. l tried sending an email but it said it wasn't a valid email address... could you possibly post a link to the league for more information. My email is craigfantrax at gmail dot com
  10. Checked it out. I think I'll pass, but thanks for the offer. Good luck this season!
  11. I'm interested in joining a deeper dynasty league, the more teams the better, preferably with at least 16 teams. Leagues I'd be most interested in should have deep minors and have knowledgeable owners who use their minors properly (willing to pay a league fee for this to happen) as free leagues always have a few guys who store minor league free agent types in their minors... Plouffe, Sogard, Tebow, etc. Really only interested in Fantrax leagues because it's way harder to manually keep track of/trade/add/drop minor league players with platforms on yahoo, espn, etc. I'm a competitive owner, and want to join a competitive league. Please PM me if you have an opening or if you have a startup draft soon.
  12. Might br interested, but can't view the league bc its private
  13. Interested in finding out more about the league craigfantrax AT gmail