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  1. 4 keepers Superflex pay when you enter invite through horsemen1616@yahoo.com
  2. $40 ESPN Dynasty, League Safe Majority

    I'd like an invite, please. horsemen1616 at yahoo dot com
  3. email me for invite horsemen1616@yahoo.com
  4. I sent you an invite. It's a new $50 yahoo keeper league. Most of the teams were invited in from other very keeper leagues I'm already in.
  5. New $50 Keeper League

    One opening
  6. New $50 Keeper League

    Only two spots left.
  7. New $50 Keeper League

    3 openings
  8. New $50 Keeper League

    4 openings
  9. New $50 Keeper League

    Six teams so far, still need six. Using league safe by the way.
  10. New $50 Keeper League

    or email me at horsemen1616@yahoo.com