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  1. Did you just google a list of prospect busts without even checking to see if they support your point? Do you think Montero was rushed to the majors and that's why he failed? He didn't even see MLB time until his 5th season in the organization, after spending 2 full seasons in AAA. He is quite literally a perfect counterexample to your entire argument, since all the minor league time in the world clearly didn't improve his chances in the majors. Martin Perez, Jon SIngleton, Nick Franklin all have similar backgrounds. Trevor May never even cracked a reputable top 50 list so that's a very weird entry, and a clear sign that you're reaching. You'll have to do a lot better than that if you want to convince anyone.
  2. He would not be Super Two if he came up now. That deadline passed in June. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.
  3. The "only" difference is their plate discipline? That's kind of a major thing. In fact, I'll even extend what you bolded. So what you're saying is take one of the hardest hitting players in baseball, add elite plate discipline, and you have Harper? I'll take that. Now perhaps you could read the conclusion of the article you post. Yes, a coin flip.
  4. "From what you've heard." What have you heard and from who? Be specific. You've heard nothing. I guess the multiple authors who have been hired from Fangraphs to MLB front offices the last few winters were only done so to be the butt of a joke. Please, feel free to post your resume and conduct a superior analysis.
  5. Sure, that makes sense. Home run derby participants tend to be people who have had good first halves, and should be expected to regress towards their true talent level. I would expect an ISO decline from guys like Aguilar and Muncy if they weren't selected to the derby.