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  1. Pick 3.08 for Hostile Takeover via trade from Sofa King is Dallas Goedart TE PHI. I apologize im at work and don’t have time to type out draft order. Wanted to keep it moving though. Houston Targeyons on the clock.
  2. Hostile Takeover confirms this trade. I will be dropping Edelman in yahoo to be picked up by Sofa King. Pick 3.08 to follow.
  3. I’m up for more picks. Take a look at my roster to see if you have any interest. If you see one shoot an offer or just post here. Hostile Takeover
  4. Round 2 1. Hostile takeover - L. Jackson QB BALT 2. Decimators- otc 3. Joiqing off - on deck 4. Unlucky Rodgers 5.kiss my Newton 6. Hodor 7. Somebody kill me pls 8. Unemployed sofa king 9. Houston 10. Wood dale bandits 11. $1000 bounty 12. Eliguandon
  5. I see a post on the Yahoo thread that Hodor took Ronald Jones III RB Bucs. Anyone else see this?
  6. So did I do it wrong with my post above? Am I supposed to write all the picks out?
  7. I pick Saquon Barclay RB Giants with the first pick. Decimators on the clock.
  8. Hello league members! My name is Clay and I will be taking over Boats n Hoes. I’m looking to rebuild this team! I’m open to any and all trades at this point. Only have a couple of high value players/ picks so I would be interested in extra picks for the future and players.