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  1. Nice deal. Jokic is arguably a top 5 talent.
  2. Pick up John Collins? WHIR

    Do it immediately!
  3. Yahoo Dynasty Leagues Need Owners

    Are you still looking? Haven't heard anything yet. ontariojoe1@yahoo.ca
  4. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    Meant to say...not in the top tier of superstars...
  5. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    I think that is a good move for the Raps. They get arguable a top 5 player when healthy for at least a year. I think they are waiting to see how this year plays out. If they feel like they can go for it this year, they continue and hope Kawhi resigns. If they think that Boston and Philly are too strong, maybe they flip Kawhi and start the full rebuild. The pick they gave is protected from the top 20 next year, and while Poetl is a promising player, he doesn't have star potential. If they feel that this isn't the year, I am sure that they can get picks and young players half way through the season. The Raps, did not give up their stronger young guys like VanVleet, Wright, Siakim and OG. While DeRozen is a great player and arguably the best Raptor ever, he and Lowry are in the top tier of superstars. Trading DeRozen is a worthwille risk as you get out from that huge contract as well. It seems like this is the on the fence year...do we go for it in a Lebron free East or rebuild knowing that the West will likely crush us in the finals ...if we can even get there through the young up and coming teams like Boston, Philly and perhaps Milwaukee.
  6. 16 Team Dynasty Startup

    Same for me...if on yahoo..I am interested. ontariojoe1@yahoo.ca
  7. Yahoo Dynasty Leagues Need Owners

    Hi, I am interested in the H2H league....please email with details and team options. ontariojoe1@yahoo.ca Joe