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  1. Alfred Morris 2018 Outlook

    also, if they were trying to trade him they would showcase him not give him 1 snap if they already had the deal in place he would have had 0 snaps
  2. O.J. Howard 2018 Outlook

    RE: The Brate vs Howard argument. Throw out the game vs the Bears because Howard went down in the first half (not exactly sure at what point, just know it was the first half) The first 3 games, before the bears game, Howard led in snap% significantly over Brate, roughly 65/35 Last season Brate dominated early in the season, I assume because howard was a rookie, and as the season went on Howard got onfield more Winston throws to the guy who is on the field. The narrative that he prefers Brate is silly. Yet so many people love it. Just like Paul & Michael, ebony & ivory. Neither of these guys is in play for me but Howard seems like the obvious choice. More athletic, more snaps, more opportunities, not a blocking liability. What's the downside? Snap numbers vs Falcons, and consider OJ Howard had the knee OJ 52% Brate 33%
  3. O.J. Howard 2018 Outlook

    something i learned this year because of fantasy football: a sprain is actually a small tear. so i guess when they say "torn mcl" they mean a big tear? i have no idea. but i was surprised to learn that a sprain actually means a torn ligament, having had infinite sprains in my life.
  4. Alfred Morris 2018 Outlook

    Damn, I didn't expect Mostert to actually be a thing. Now we know who the top waiver wire add is this week.
  5. Jordan Howard trade

    PPR league. 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 flex. I was just offered for Jordan Howard: Cam, Dion Lewis, Donta Foreman breakdown: He has Jameis and Stafford. Doesn't need Cam We both need a lot of help at RB. I have Kamara, Lamar Miller, Alf Blue (cuff), Jordan Howard He has Dion, Cohen, Crowell, Riddick A counteroffer is also a possibility, we are pretty friendly. I could probably work Riddick into the mix. My initial look at this trade offer and I thought it was way lopsided in my favor but it is actually dead even after I plugged it into the trade analyzer. Howard has a favorable playoff schedule, he is a sharp guy and I;m sure he;s aware of that. Cam would help me out a lot because I have Ben and his bye is this week, I have Baker Mayfield, (Panthers play @ PHI this week) and Ben has Jags week 11, when Panthers play Lions at home. The Texans run game sucks but I think Foreman is going to emerge and be great, and if not I will obviously have the starter among the 3 guys if he doesnt.
  6. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Guys it is going to be a bloodbath vs the Pats. Bill Belichick is one of the most brilliant defensive minds of all time. Nagy thinks he is one of the most brilliant offensive minds in football. Trubisky has something like ten career starts, and I admit I haven't watched him much since the game vs ARI, but I know that he was basically playing like a 1 read and run quarterback. They are going to get destroyed and Jordan Howard is going to be unusable. Just my opinion. Also I just woke up to discover that someone offered me Cam, Dion Lewis, and Donta Foreman for Jordan Howard. Other guy has Cohen so I guess he wants to cover all the bases on the Bears whom I assume he sees as an offensive juggernaut.
  7. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    Feels like this all depends on Ginn, until Quan can show he will get the looks in spite of an active Ginn If Ginn is out then Quan is still a risky but exciting start. Risky because his low # of targets makes him inherently boom or bust Ginn is embedded in the offense, has experience and a report with Brees, and is still more than capable. Otherwise he wouldn't be on the team, especially as a starter The idea that one huge 3 target, 2 TD game from Quan, when one of those TD's was on a pitch and catch with a badly busted coverage, is going to result in Ginn being benched or having his role drastically reduced in favor of Quan is wishing thinking in the extreme I would like it to happen, but I try to be a realist
  8. John Brown 2018 Outlook

    The reason he was in such a blowup spot is because the NFL's worst starting CB was going to be covering him (Butler) so this + positive gamescript as you said would help explain it for sure
  9. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, Evan Silva is always talking about how duke is criminally underutilized. Hue gonna Hue. And yeah rookie WR's man, no matter how much hype they get pre-season, it seems really rare when they actually hit An exorbitant amount of hyped up rookie wr's this year too
  10. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    I need Kyle Juicecheck to hold a 40 pt lead over Mason crosby
  11. Lamar Miller 2018 Outlook

    Snap % and secondly touch count will probably tell you what you need to know. I'll post it in the next few days when they're out I know that, vs the Bills, Miller had 17 touches and Blue had 9. Blue only had 5, 7 and 5 touches in weeks 1-3 respectively. I'm guessing the snap counts will also reflect a change in usage contrasted with those first 3 weeks
  12. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    He did look good on those 2 OT runs, almost like he was going to break one. I know, that's a silly notion. They need to get him in rhythm in these games, preferably early, and let him use his skills as a patient runner with great vision and a decent amount of power. And it would be nice if they didn't just hand it off to him on all the first downs for a between the tackles run. It's dumb that teams are still doing that in 2018. It never works. I'll be starting Kyle Juicecheck over Howard and Lamar Miller for the foreseeable future. At least there's PPR upside there. I am not kidding.
  13. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Just watched Chargers vs Browns He had 1 drop and 1 "misplay" which most likely he couldn't find it in the sun. It's the pass where he got behind 2 DB's and would have had a 40 yd td FTR Landry and that other rookie WR had their share of drops, pretty sure Landry had multiple but at least 1 for sure. Landry and Baker couldn't get on the same page. Looking at this game in a vacuum it would be obvious to say that Njoku is the only pass catcher worth owning in this offense. But of course Landry is worth owning. But Njoku was the only guy Baker seemed to have a rhythm with. The touchdown pass he high pointed near the back pylon was beautiful. And that was the only moment like that. Baker did something to his ankle, probably just twisted it, but that might pop up on the injury report this week. Just something to be aware of. Callaway vs Chargers Target-by-target 10 targets, 2 catches, 9 yds and a 2 pt conversion #1 807 left 1q. 40 yd pass, beat 2 DB's and 3+ yds behind them, Dives to catch the ball and he misses it. Ball lands about a foot away from where his hands are. First blush it looks like just a bad play, then the announcer said "i dont know if he lost it in the sun" which makes sense because you could tell he couldnt place it, he looked like an outfielder trying to snag a fly ball who loses it in the sun or the lights etc #2 720 1q. Uncatchable along sideline, basically a throw away out of bounds with Baker rolling out under pressure. #3 610 1q. uncatchable out of bounds again along the sideline while rolling out to the right, Baker motioned for him to go deeper but the pass went too far out of bounds along the sideline #4 110 1q. 3rd and 16 uncatchable, way too high along sideline again. Could have caught it if he was 8 feet tall #5 1411 2q. 9 yard out route, line up on left out wide, nice route, corner playing well off of him lots of cushion, throw was on the money with nice timing and placement. that was the highlight of baker + callaway in this game. 1st catch of 2. #6 220 2q. uncatchable thrown in his direction to avoid a sack, ball landed 3 yards away from him #7 11secs left 2q. red zone, throw into center of end zone, Callaway double covered and behind them, tipped away by one of the DB's. Dumb throw. #8 3:00 3q. wr screen for no gain, lined up left outside. 2nd catch. #9 1353 in 4q. A legit drop, going across the middle on a dig route about 15 yds downfield and seemed hesitant to catch the pass and get blasted. There was a safety who had him sized up and was ready to blast him. Ball deflected high off his hands, was definitely catchable. 2 pt conversion - 12:30 in 4q. catches 2 pt conv in the back of the endzone, had to leap pretty high for it, showing off his vertical. Hands worked this time. So yeah, one drop, and one misplay which could be disputed if it was a bad play or he was blinded by the sun I didn't think 2 point conversions counted as a target/yardage etc, I thought it was an untimed play. if they don't count it as a target i must have missed one
  14. David Moore 2018 Outlook

    targets vs Raiders - Baldwin 8, Lockett 4, Moore 3 last week vs Rams - Lockett 5, Moore 4, Baldwin 1 That's the problem. This offense passes so few times that any of these players will be inherently volatile
  15. David Moore 2018 Outlook

    He needs more snap share and thus more targets, last week snap share was 59%, not sure about this week yet, but it should increase as the season goes along. THey seem to have realized he is a better choice than Brandon Marshall and Jaron Brown, they were both under 20% last week IIRC Right now he is making the most of his targets, hope he keeps it up. Love that he is always running deep routes.