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  1. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Playoff match : need 16 from zach ertz (cousins interception with 30second to go almost killed me )
  2. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    I believe in larry for today, benched tyler boyd at Baltimore
  3. Sit Mack???? WHIR

    Mack ,fitzlegend, corey Davis, olsen and panthers
  4. W vs W = Wentz or Watson "WHIR"

    I think wentz for this game
  5. Flex help. WHIR

    Kerryon johnson for me, I have benched coleman
  6. Flex Help

    for the flex spot :Nelson agholor, Derrick Henry or Dj moore?
  7. Flex help

    Nelson agholor, Derrick Henry or Dj moore?
  8. WR help for Sunday!! WHIR

    And then allen robinson post 31 points I have him on the bench too
  9. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    I remember the overreactions after the first game I love this guy and picked him in all fantasy
  10. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    2 fantasy full PPR, last player was the same Zach Ertz win by 5 points and 3points when I was so dead before SNF , thank you zach ,the birthday was yours but you give all the presents to us
  11. WR help for Sunday!! WHIR

    Humphries and tre smith for me
  12. Who start? MVS vs dolphins or watkins (questionable) vs cardinals?
  13. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    Maybe is risky, wait and see news on sunday! For now I put him on bench(flex tj hilton or MVS...it s hard )
  14. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Will he finish one game without an injury? Betting...
  15. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    3 points of Dion Lewis in full ppr... so confident