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  1. Hello, not sure if this was filled already but I would be potentially interested. If still open, feel free to contact me at
  2. Would possibly have 2 interested too if you find something
  3. Hi, possibly interested for me and a friend. what platform is this on? Do you have anyone else in yet ?
  4. Need 2 owners for a casual free espn baseball league. Looking to draft Wednesday night around 8pm est
  5. Rather do a 12 tm than 10, so if so I’ll be in
  6. So just to confirm its not FAAB right now? If so ill probably join right now
  7. Possibly would be in also if it’s 12 teams a decently cheap buyin
  8. What’s the draft position of the team? Can you possibly link the page to rosters so can see what kind of guys can be available?
  9. You said that players cannot be kept more than twice in a row? is there a list of guys that will be free agents that cant be kept anymore?
  10. If you find one that needs people let me know