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  1. U guys think KD has beef with Warriors now? He's not even on the side line to support, and shouldn't players fight through their whatever injuries during FINALS?
  2. When he return from injury last time I promised myself if he ever injure or out or GTD again, I'll be done with this guy. Been a disaster to own this season except very early in the season. Very fragile, can drop a lot of weight because of flu and now fractured thumb.... I just don't know what's next for this guy. Guess no thumbs up for himπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  3. Yes sir, I think you're absolutely right. Whyyyyyyyyy?!!!!?!!!!!!
  4. Swapped Kawhi for Beal now waiting the other two trades to go through. AD + Mikal Bridges for Siakam + John Collins Buddy Hield + Danny Green for Darren Collison + Valenciunas im parting ways with AD and Kawhi, it's really bad for the heart to own them this season.
  5. Something called work ethic. I hope they win eastern conference this year, it's the only way to prove these load managements are worth of waiting.
  6. I'm bundling this guy with Buddy Hield to get Hardrn, just got accepted hope it won't get vetoed. I'm done man, never again on this guy. Such a cry baby.
  7. I can't wait until this fantasy season is over and I'm going to root for a team in the playoffs that beats the Raptors. That'll be a better feeling than punch this ULTRA soft mofo myself. In a 200 dollars auction league, I've spent 60 dollars on this dude and 80 on AD this season... Smh
  8. This dude sits out with literally any excuse. Who says it has to be b2b? He gets whatever he pleases. Soft and not a leader.
  9. Anthony Davis started on Tuesday, but hit just 1-of-9 shots for three points, six rebounds and three blocks in 24 minutes in a brutal 118-88 loss to the Magic. Well, that's not a good look. Normally, when a star falters like this they simply had a 'bad' or 'off' night, but things are a little different with Davis and the Pelicans after his trade demands and the fact he's still there. Coach Alvin Gentry has already said that Davis will play on Thursday against the Thunder (the Pels will be fined $100K every time he gets a healthy scratch), but his words after the game weren't exactly encouraging. "We sucked," Davis said. "Seemed like nobody was interested in playing." So, he demanded a trade, didn't get it, and is now calling out teammates? Additionally, Gentry said after the game that "he's done" talking about AD. If you own Davis and he's stressing you out too much, wait for him to have a better night before trading him. His fantasy value's probably as low as it's ever been when he's healthy. source: Andrew Lopez on Twitter when you guys saying the 100k fine report was fake news, here is another report talking about it. This is horrible when Gentry said: he is done. Really hope Pelican can right the ship and show some integrity to the game. Crossing my finger and am ready to go down with the ship. Thanks AD for a wonderful dream of winning championship this season.