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  1. I'm not quite as bullish on him this week as everyone else. I'm starting Ty. Williams (at my flex) over Damien this week.
  2. It doesn't make sense to sell low....especially if Stafford or Trubisky are the types of players you think you can get. Just sit type and hope he does better.
  3. ...I feel like just as many people are on the Hockensen train. Both had a lot of targets in week 1, which is the important thing. Hock has a better resume. Unless you like Waller's match-up up significantly more I'd go with Hock.
  4. Don't like it...especially since you also own Gordon. If you were going to trade Ekeler I would have considering including Gordon in the deal for a WR upgrade. If it was something like Ekler/Gordon for Fournette/Ty.Williams it wouldn't be as bad.
  5. Oomf. This advice didn't age well. At least not for Howard. Sorry
  6. This seems like a MUCH better idea. Thoughts?
  7. I think I'd rather have Elliott / White, but it is kind of a lateral move. I'm not sure AP can be a productive player all season long, if you need a tie breaker. Thoughts?
  8. I'd start them both. Good players will get their points.
  9. Can you just trade Brown straight up for Lockett?
  10. Do it. Your RBs are really rough. Then offer Watkins/Brissett to the Ty. Hill owner for one of his QBs.
  11. Sorry it wasn't clear in my original post, but I would be trading Ridley + Boyd FOR Thielen. If my I made the trade my starting WRs would then be Allen and Thielen with Green and Fitzgerald on my bench.
  12. Green's still out for several more weeks right? I'd still rather have Diggs. I'm not quite hitting the panic button on the Minn WRs yet.
  13. Sounds like an element on the periodic table! I'd actually be trading FOR Theilen.
  14. I voted yes, Jones and Cooper would be a great 1 / 2 punch and you'd still have three solid RBs in Chubb, Gurley, and Johnson. You also might want to think about shopping Watkins to the Ty. Hill owner... Thoughts?