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  1. Im happy Barton is starting to play well and people starting to recognize he's an asset. But ofcourse the will be critics. Just want to add i'm a Barton fan. I own atleast 60 pcs autograph basketball cards of The Thrill.
  2. Marc Gasol alot better than Bam even on his rookie year imo.
  3. I think Barton won't be a 5th option in Denver, rather guards Murray and Harris will loose some touches. Barton is also a better facilitator than the two. Barton gets no love because some view him as a threat to individual players rather than helping the team win.
  4. Barton made clear he wanted a start job on whichever team he plays. I'm sure this was discussed before Barton signed with the Nuggets again.
  5. Thinking the same. Even coming off the bench last season, he has recieved starter minutes. An uptick in points would be nice for my fantasy team.
  6. Now that he'll be the Nuggets starting sf, what do you guys think about his 2018/19 outlook?