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  1. Your a fortune teller nice you should win your league with no problem man!!!
  2. I’m 1st in my league and it cost me $500 to enter( yahoo pro league) I didn’t hesitate to add Okafor when someone dropped him so let’s not go based off one guys 1st year playing fantasy basketball, if you can’t understand okafor will put up great stats in a 9 Cat league if AD out the picture either benched, injured or whatever then your truly delusional, Okafor is like a middle class Ayton without the nice ft%, you need to calm down bro and stop acting like you know it all , I don’t care what you say but I know for a fact you own AD in one or a few of your leagues from just your saltiness.......
  3. Alvin Gentry storms off after Anthony Davis injury questions. This is going to end with Davis being deactivated and sent home for the season sometime after the All-Star break. To all the AD owners that want to be disbelievers and us “fortune tellers”, keep talking and hopeing you boy AD will be alright , this dude about to be sitting home watching games from his couch
  4. Last 3 games he’s averaged 17 shots attempted per game with bulls....with the wizards he would be lucky to get 8 shots pre ariza trade ....... after ariza trade it got worst he’d be lucky to get 8 shots and 28 mins...... Nuff said .... let the party begin
  5. Definitely reminds of me when James harden was on the rockets, Westbrook and Durant held him back and so did the coach, wall and Beal were even worst for porters breakout potential not to mention the coach, now he can truly shine and he’s just getting started, feel bad for the guys that dropped him a few weeks ago ........ for whoever held or bought low congrats 🍾 and enjoy the ride
  6. News flash AD will be shutdown or at the very least get plenty of DNPs and if you think he’s getting any thing close or past 30+ mins your crazy, and especially when playoffs start he’s not a guy you want on your roster if you could have traded him for something like Mitchell and holiday that’s a AD owner realizing that’s AD is loosing value fast.....very fast
  7. Because they don’t believe in big jah, AD is getting shutdown reguardless sometime after ASB, even if they Get fined 100k per game that’s peanuts to them rather then loesing assets in a trade if he tears an ACL, and they trying to get best lotto pick from their own team this year so why would they play the best player in the league if they trading him on draft day and they already out of the playoffs there going to throw their major asset into the dungeon and throw away the key 🔑 to prevent any major injury , big jah going to indeed feast and he going to put up very similar stats to deandre ayton
  8. Bro that’s crazy, AD is a huge risk and people should be able to unload him b4 the ship sinks and people should also be able to take risks on him in case they do somehow play him tons of minutes, it’s a real messy situation right now and AD also trashing his teammates saying “we played like trash out there”, I’m sure team morale in that locker room is at a all time low this season........
  9. You have to be thinking tho what if the pelicans are not wanting to risk Davis having a serious injury when the season is practically over for them and he’s 100% getting traded before or at the nba draft this year, I’m sure if he tears his acl his value goes down , add that ontop of them getting a worst draft pick by playing him and thus increasing their chances of winning games, you really have to take that kind of approach and the best thing for their future is too sit him out for the rest of the year for 3 big reasons...... 1. Guarantee that he will be healthy for the trade when it happens 2 tank and get a better draft pick 3 develop their younger players now...... If jah okafor is on the wire I’d run not walk, he’s basically deandre ayton 2.0 and he looks like it over these last 3 weeks
  10. Bump thx for all the reply’s so far greatly appreciate
  11. Bump please your advice would be mich appreciated