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  1. Not gonna lie I’m a little worried , but was very surprised the 2nd string QB was very very accurate and also he targeted Dede a fair amount , but definitely going to pick a wide receiver up WW after all these breakout
  2. Out of the top 4 rbs he had the safest floor out of them all , zeke was a close 2nd but yeah CMC gonna break out even more this year, key stat that won me over was after week 8 last year CMC led all rbs in points in half ppr and ppr
  3. Who should I add of Carlos Hyde or justice hill?
  4. People forgetting the fact that Carr rarely throws deep , tyrell Williams is not the add her I repeat Tyrell Williams IS NOT the add here. Here’s why -out of all of Carr’s TD’s last year less than 10% of them were for 20 yards out or more - Tyrell Williams is the definition of a desean Jackson type , boom or boost WR, except Carr’s throwing him the ball, they do t compliment each other at all - Amari cooper way better overall WR than Tyrell Williams and how did he do? - someone is going to get the bulk of targets and receptions, ding ding the answer is Waller and it’s the only answer
  5. Waller for sure here’s why - Cook was 31 years old last year and put up the best season of his career finishing a top 5 TE - Waller is 26 and is the fastest TE in the league and finally has his head out his arse - Carr loves his TEs and he has targeted his TE more than his WR1 last year - Out of Carr’s TD’s less than 10% of his TDs came from 20 or more yards out , that is short ranked almost dead last in the league last year, pretty scary - Tyrell Williams is the definition of a boom or bust WR , deep threat WR Waller compliments Carr way way way more than Tyrell Williams will compliment him, look at amari cooper .... he’s way more skilled that Tyrell Williams .... this is going to be the josh Jacobs and Waller show folks
  6. His name should be changed to D.K. Ten-pack
  7. Hey out of all the rookie rbs this dude is a guaranteed lock 🔒 for 15+ touches a game, same can’t be said for any other rookie rb this year
  8. Guys stop hating on the Waller hype , he’s in a major TE friendly system . - QB and Gruen love their TE - Cook was 5th ranked TE last year -Cook was 31 years old -Cooks best year as a TE was last year - Waller is 26 - Waller is the fastest 💨 TE in the league - Waller is SOBER -Waller has a 90 speed in Madden - Waller is a walking cheat code don’t walk to the waiver wire ... RUN!!!!!
  9. Stand Pat your team is can be a top teams if Guice balls out which he should with gruden already giving him the reigns with saying AP is a healthy scratch, your team is actually really nice man