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  1. I would take Lamarcus Aldridge FOR SURE! Otherwise Bagely is okay.
  2. Giannis AD KAT John Collins Oladipo John Wall Lonzo Ball That is 7 but its really your choice between Lonzo and Wall. Wall could be out till the middle of next season and he could struggle next season once he returns. Ball is the safer bet but remember he has his own fair share of injuries.
  3. No one in specific I would drop. I would have said Grant but today he blew up (could be Westbrook related). I assume Raptors will be VERY cautious with Lowry. If you need to drop him to advance I think you have to. It is possible he is looking at a week minimum out rest of the regular season would be likely. Love I would hold on. I am not sure how bad Porter's rotator cuff injury is but he cannot stay healthy this season and I will most definitely not draft him next year. Good luck.
  4. Nance and VanVleet should be back for the next games. JJJ, on the other hand, may be looking at a lot of time off. JJJ likely may not return this season.If you can wait I think VanVleet will suit up for Raptors game tomorrow. Nance either for tomorrow or Wednesday.
  5. I would go with Taj Gibson but only if Towns and Wiggins were out. If Towns plays I would not take the risk. If Wiggins plays its a 50-50 chance he becomes worth it. Considering the Cavs vs Philly game is likely to be a blowout I don't see Clarkson playing much in the second half. Depending on what you need Clarkson is most likely the most consistent. It is pretty easy to tell now that Clarkson will get around 15 points with 3 or 4 rebounds and maybe a few assists. He is the safest bet. Gibson has the most upside if Towns & Wiggins are out. Not really interested in Harkless. Don't trust him and Nurkic was in foul trouble the recent games he played well.
  6. Doesn't Miami play 3-4-3? Yes, do the move.
  7. Cedi Osman for that back to back Monday and Tuesday.
  8. Aminu shoots more 3's than Mike Scott... He just has not been making them right now. Bertans is too inconsistent. I would of taken Morris in a heartbeat had he been available. Not sure why you did not. I would stay as is unless another option comes up.
  9. I think JJJ is more likely to not return then RoCo. Marvin Williams is pretty consistent if you need a consistent add. If you are not worried about Dragic possibly getting hurt again I would add him. He is probably the most talented one available. Otherwise, Avery Bradley is pretty good but they only play twice next week so. Sabonis should be back in the next 2 games so I would not be worried about him.
  10. None of those guys available are better then RoLo, Batum, Levert, Portis, or Allen. Diallo is on the Gleague team for OKC right? Unless you're talking about the other Diallo and he is also only when AD is out. Williams only for when AD is out. Wright is not even worth owning unless Conley is out. Len is better than all three of those guys unless Conley or AD are shut down. Dedmon has been hurt and his injury has been lingering. How could you even consider dropping Portis, RoLo, or Allen?
  11. Wait one or two more days before you drop RoCo. Maybe he has a good practice and can return at the start of the week or something. Otherwise, if you really need steals I like Bridges. Though JaVale and Trier I would say would be the safest plays.
  12. Well, I would actually drop Bridges. He isn't really consistent besides for defensive stats. If you need steals obviously hold on to him. Though otherwise, he is your drop and not Huerter.
  13. After last nights game against his previous team, I don't think Kanter will do much this season. Dragic over him sounds fine to me.
  14. Batum if you need wins now but Rondo for more of a long term thing. That's considering Lonzo will be back in the next 1.5 weeks.
  15. I agree with the order above ^^^. Kennard first for me. Wright last because unless Conley is out he is not interesting for me.
  16. I would go with Rolo. Issac is a bit inconsistent right now. Abedayo I would not want unless Olynyk or Whiteside were out.
  17. I would say Lillard is in the mid of his prime. He is only 28 and should be playing well for a long time. I don't think I would pull the trigger on this trade. Especially after Lillard had 50 today I would be asking for someone else alongside Young. Good luck.
  18. Sorry, Atlanta only plays 3. Make the move
  19. Shai ***. Atlanta also plays four if I am not mistaken. Do you have anyone else to drop then Huerter? I guess you don't lose much by doing it. Huerter does play Saturday and Sunday though vs Shai's one game left this week...
  20. If only he didn't miss so many 3's tonight haha. Finished 4/11 from 3!
  21. ^^^ Turner so far looking good this first half vs the Bucks. He has shot 8 3's somehow.
  22. I just realized wow... Sorry. I just notified ESPN and they have already fixed it. The scheduling on his stats was all one game off.