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  1. Thanks, but I did not get the email. Try Thanks
  2. Hi everyone- I am a very active and successful Fantasy Hockey GM. I have played dynasty leagues for a while and now I am looking for a bigger challenge and want to get into Salary Cap Leagues. I like the aspect of winning cash as it keeps everyone interested and motivated, it is no fun to win against a bunch of teams that dont set lineups. I have $500 budget to spend this year so i would like to league with a nice purse and good organization. Please email me at if you know of a league that matches this description. Thanks Brian
  3. I WAS with dynasty sports empire for 3 years. Overall a good game but A LOT of flaws. WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA here. Rules change too often and the owner is not open to any feedback. Last year, after everyone was paid and a week before the draft the eligibility rules changed. Suddenly anyone in the Fantrax system could be drafted. So Dahlin was drafted in the 3rd round LAST YEAR. Even Jack Hughes was already drafted. Takes a lot of the fun of the game away when the top prospects are already gone before the draft. Also you suddenly needed to make a $ deposit for next year if you wanted to be able to make a trade. Like $100 a year is not enough- you now need to pay another $25 in order to make trades. The league is run by a dictator who also owns teams in each sport and often is the benefactor of generous trades. 2 years ago he traded Nic Petan and got PK Subban as a return!! There is no check and balance in this system- like a veto process. A Few GMs (2) did not like a trade i made last year so i and the other party where the victims of constant criticism and nasty comments all season. My trade partner only lasted one season before she was chased out of the league, then I was asked to discuss the trade AGAIN this year when i went to renew my teams. People are falsely accused of "not being active" and instead of having any kind of process to vet complaints, the owner just takes their word for it. Not consistent. All that being said I played for 3 years. Most GMs were active or they got tossed. People did tank and that was not a problem in this league as long as they were setting lineups and making trades. Often other GMs would not respond for weeks to trade offers, but that too was ignored. League is expensive but payouts are good. I had 5 teams in 5 different leagues and came in 1st in one league each year winning $500 each year. Overall i broke even and it was fun- but i would not recommend them (Sorry Lawrence)