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  1. Next week I have Carson/Penny, and DJ at RB (Singletary on bye) and he's maybe injured so looking to pick up Edmonds in case. Problem is I don't know who to drop, I have a bunch of wr2/3 types: Mike Williams, Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks, Terry McLaurin, DJ Chark, DJ Moore Then I have Goff/Murray....Kelce...Lutz, NE DST, and I don't really want to drop my other cuff (Penny) What should I do? Nobody biting on trades, should I try to claim Edmonds on waiver and drop someone or just wait and hope DJ is ok???? Full PPR 12 team - league, in 3rd @ 3-2.
  2. Need to play 2: DJ Moore vs JAX (Ramsey out) DJ Chark @ CAR Landry @ SF (MNF) Mike Williams vs DEN (Inman/Benjamin out)
  3. I'd be thrilled with 20 catches for 39 yards! (PPR)
  4. Scary Terry gets the Giants again in championship week.
  5. I'd rather take Gallman if I didn't have Barkley or Carson b/c Gallman will play more guaranteed, but I'd take Penny if I knew Carson was out.
  6. 100% keeping Acuna, Soto, Rendon 3 more: Eloy, K Marte, Josh Bell, Bichette, deGrom, Bauer, Soroka
  7. Any chance he plays today or tomorrow? Meh, last 2 days of the finals and everyone on my team is hurt.
  8. I picked up Severino, he's in my DL spot. I want him to start tomorrow but am being strategic with moves. I have Alex Young pitching tomorrow and want to slide Severino into my lineup for tomorrow to pitch as well. Question is, can I drop Young and move Sev into starting lineup so they BOTH pitch in my lineup tomorrow and Young drops the next day? Don't want to mess this one up. (I'll be over max roster size if I put Severino in lineup now.
  9. I might get Hockenson and maybe trade him or Waller later on maybe...hard to say